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2024 TOSUN Prize Call for Entries is here! We are looking forward to your best case!

TOSUN focuses on the research and development of domestic independently controllable automotive electronic tool chain products, at present, TSMaster and its tool chain has more than 5000 enterprise users in the world, the product line covers the whole process of automotive vehicle and parts R & D, testing, production, testing, after-sales. While TSMaster's new features are increasing and the number of users is growing, we are pleased to find that many users have solved a variety of problems with TSMaster, so we sincerely invite you to share your applications, and hope that it will bring more thoughts and inspiration to us and other users!
The deadline for this call for papers is December 31, 2024. During this period, you can feel free to share your application cases, usage experience and insights with us.
  1. Manuscript formatting requirements:

Use word format for the entire article, please refer to the following requirements for specific formatting:

    1. Title of the article: bold, four-colon font, centered
    2. Text: Song font 5
    3. Paragraphs: line spacing (fixed), 20 pounds
    4. Keywords of the text: 3-5 keywords are required to be included
    5. Signature: five italics, right-centered, required to include the author's work unit, position, name, contact phone number, e-mail address

  1. In order to ensure that your submission of an application case is more attractive, we offer you the following suggestions:
    1. Case background: introduce the industry background, the company or project facing the pain point problem.
    2. Application Solution: Describe how TOSUN core product TSMaster software or hardware products/solutions can meet your needs and solve your practical problems at this stage.
    3. Product Description: For your actual use of TOSUN hardware and software products for a simple description and advantages of the introduction.
    4. Practical effects and benefits: Use specific data or results to directly demonstrate practical effects.
    5. Summarize chapter: add personal opinions and insights, share your feelings and insights in the process of using.

  2. Statement of originality of the text:

The application cases and manuscripts submitted must be the original works of the submitters, and are strictly prohibited to be plagiarized, imitated or copied from others' works, and have not infringed on any patents, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of any other people. In addition to participating in this competition, the application cases and manuscripts must not have been published in any newspapers, magazines, websites or other media, applied for patents or copyright registration, participated in any other competitions, or entered into commercial channels in any form. Otherwise, we will disqualify them from participation, shortlisting and winning, withdraw the award and reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility. If any loss is caused to us, the submitter shall compensate for it.

Submission Method

Mail Drop:

Contact: Ms. Zhang, Marketing Department of TOSUN
Tel: 17317805358
Address: Building 9, Lane 1288, North Jiasong Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, China

Incentive Program

The application cases you submit will be reviewed by the professional team of TOSUN, and the excellent cases will be promoted in the official channels and cooperative media platforms of TOSUN. We will provide the following honorarium according to the quality and influence of the cases to ensure that your efforts are duly rewarded.

(Statement of Intellectual Property Rights of Finalists: The intellectual property rights of all the final award-winning works belong to our company, and we exclusively own the intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the following: the right to redesign, produce, sell, display, publish and publicize the application cases and manuscripts belonging to them. Other units and individuals (including the contributors themselves) may not transfer, copy, disseminate, excerpt, publish, distribute, or license the winning works in any form without our written authorization, otherwise it constitutes an infringement of copyright).
award amount
  • 1

    1 article, 2000 RMB/article

    first prize

  • 2

    2 articles, 1000 RMB/article

    second prize

  • 3

    3 articles, 500 RMB/article

    third prize

  • 4

    Other outstanding case acceptance will be awarded 200 RMB/article