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Automotive Testing Expo 2024 concludes successfully, see you next stop in Shanghai !

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Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2024 was held from June 4 to 6, 2024 at the Stuttgart International Trade Fair Center in Stuttgart, Germany. 400 exhibitors gathered for the industry event.
TOSUN, as a global leading automotive electronics basic tool chain enterprise, is actively expanding the European market and increasing the overseas market layout. The latest technology and products in the automotive industry were displayed to the on-site visitors at the exhibition site, and many of them showed great interest in our products and conducted in-depth consultations and exchanges.
Exhibition site
TOSUN is a high-tech enterprise focusing on domestic autonomous and controllable automotive bus tool chain, and has been committed to providing independent and innovative Chinese solutions for engineering problems in automotive R&D and manufacturing, industrial production and other fields!
Exhibition site
During the exhibition, TOSUN booth attracted the attention of many visitors and industry insiders. TOSUN overseas staff introduced the company's products and solutions to visitors through on-site product demonstrations and detailed explanations, and replied to many technical questions. This time, TOSUN logged into the European market, the scene is highly regarded and favored by many, people from various countries highly recognized our products, technology and services, and we have exchanges and talks with us on the scene, and reached a number of cooperation.
Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2024
The exhibition in Germany to reach a number of cooperation, marking the further expansion of the overseas market of TOSUN, the future of the company will continue to increase investment in research and development and innovation, improve product quality and technical level, to the world, global service.
See you next stop in Shanghai!

Next stop, let's see you in Shanghai in August! TOSUN will be waiting for you in Shanghai!


Founded in 2017, TOSUN has been focusing on the research and development of domestically independent and controllable automotive electronic basic toolchain products, and is also the domestic leading brand in this field. TOSUN's core software TSMaster and supporting hardware equipment, with embedded code generation, automotive bus analysis, simulation, testing and diagnostics, calibration and other core functions, covering the entire process of automotive OEMs and parts R & D, testing, production, testing, after-sales. There are more than 5,000 global enterprise users, covering: automobile OEMs, parts suppliers, chip manufacturers, equipment/service providers, engineering machinery, aerospace and other fields. Headquartered in the National University Science Park of Tongji University in Jiading District, Shanghai, the company also has branches in Guangzhou, Beijing, Changchun, Chengdu, Taiwan and Stuttgart.