TE1001 - 100Base-T1 Media Converter

TE1001 is a 100Base-T1 in-vehicle Ethernet to regular Ethernet point-to-point conversion tool launched by TOSUN, the matching cable provides DB-9 in-vehicle Ethernet interface and RJ-45 crystal head interface, which is convenient for PC to use for ECU connection with in-vehicle Ethernet interface. 100Base-T1 to 100Base-TX.

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Master or Slave mode can be selected with the push of a button, and Ethernet data will be converted losslessly between on-board Ethernet and regular Ethernet.

This device will be the ideal, low-cost conversion tool between 100 Gigabit in-vehicle Ethernet and PC systems.

It can be used by R&D personnel, ECU production line, test engineers, and after-sales personnel.


  • 100Base-T1 100Mbit/s full duplex 1 pair unshielded twisted pair UTP (Unshielded TwistedPaired)
    In-vehicle Ethernet - 100Base-TX common Ethernet data conversion.
  • Master/Slave mode with key configuration and LED status display.
  • Power supply voltage: DC 9~36V
  • Robust aluminum housing design.
  • Ethernet data communication status LED.
  • Customized high quality cables.
  • DB-9 in-vehicle Ethernet 100Base-T1 interface.
  • RJ-45 standard Ethernet interface.
  • External dimensions: 97 x 79 x 43 mm



  • PC-based software customization
  • Device communication interface integration
  • BootLoader customization
  • CCP/XCP protocol customization
  • Customized diagnostic protocols
  • Function Customization
  • Production Line Integration


Download TE1001-Datasheet Simplified Chinese - Coming Soon

Download TE1001-User Manual Simplified Chinese - Coming Soon

Download TE1001-Datasheet English Version - Coming Soon

Download TE1001-UserManual English Version


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Additional information

Electricity supply

DC 9~36V

Housing material

Rugged aluminum housing


100BaseT1 to 100Base-TX


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