Automotive Bus Ecosystem
Self-designed and manufactured

Automotive Bus Ecosystem
Self-designed and manufactured


With over 10 years of automotive electronics experience, our team specializes in providing exceptional test solutions to our customers. Whether you are developing a new automotive electronics product or improving an existing system, we can provide you with comprehensive support.

We understand the importance of testing in the field of automotive electronics. Therefore, we are committed to assisting you in establishing an efficient, flexible and reliable test strategy to ensure that your products excel in the marketplace.

No matter the size of your project, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service. Our goal is to help you improve product quality, accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs.


Diagnosis is an important function of an automotive ECU. While the vehicle is in operation, sensors located throughout the vehicle can track multiple faults that can occur at any time in the vehicle's electrical or electronic system. The TOSUN tool chain assists users to conveniently develop, verify and flash the UDS protocol based on fault diagnosis related functions.

  • Supports configuration of diagnostic parameters and diagnostic services, configuration of UDS-based Flash bootloader, automated diagnostics, etc., and ODX file import (paid feature).
  • Diagnostic parameter configuration - including timeout parameter configuration, TesterPresent configuration, SeedKey DLL configuration, built-in SeedKey algorithm editor, and direct implementation of SeedKey algorithm without external development tools such as VS.
  • Automate the diagnostic process.

  • Residual Bus Simulation
    Using TSMaster's residual bus emulation function, you can use it to emulate all ECU nodes in the entire vehicle network or any selected
    Select the ECU node to be emulated. Combine this with the signal generator, C code applet, and automation in TSMaster's messaging
    modules, etc., can flexibly simulate the communication behavior of the entire vehicle network.
  • With TSMaster's innovative software HIL function, ECU code simulation is also possible.
  • C code applet
    TSMaster adopts a pure C language scripting system with an ECU-like architecture for front and back-end operation, which facilitates embedded code to run directly.
    The integration is validated. Provides hundreds of API functions for system management app, communication management com, database related, and test management test related; and
    Scripts have direct access to hardware, system variables, RBS modules, etc.
  • Automation module
    The automation module of TSMaster is also called graphical modeling module, through which users can access the built-in RBS (Remaining Bus Simulation), CAN/CANFD/LIN/FlexRay/Ethernet bus signals, system variables, applet API and other functions of TSMaster to realize graphical programming.
  •  Graphics Panel
    TSMaster has a built-in Panel function, in which the bus signals can be associated with a graphical display, and in combination with RBS emulation.
    Control the sending of signals and telegrams. Includes a rich list of controls, including support for various meters, buttons, indicators, progress bars, input and output boxes, etc. Configurable configuration C scripts can be associated with the panel to implement the test logic, and through system variables, diagnostic calibrations can be associated with the panel for quick customization of diagnostic calibrations.
  • Analysis Functions - Message Delivery, , ,Message monitoring, graphical curves, numerical display, bus statistics
  • Database support for loading DBC, ARXML, LDF, XML databases, also can display database structure view, signal communication moment
    Array view, message communication matrix view.
  • Bus records - default records are blf files, which can be subsequently converted to ASC or MAT format files.
  • Message Playback - Message playback supports BLF/ASC format, online and offline playback.
  • Video Playback - Supports various common video formats such as mp4, avi, wmv, etc., which can also be associated to the bus playback engine and can be set with a time offset, allowing simultaneous analysis of video and bus data.
  • Test System - The open architecture of TSMaster software not only supports the hardware of the same star, but also allows users to easily integrate various external instruments and a variety of automotive sensor simulator products through the function of applets; combined with C scripts to write test cases, it is very easy to build an automated test system; it also supports exporting user-defined formats of It also supports exporting test reports in user-defined formats.

Whether it is traditional engine control, a new type of drive-by-wire chassis, or intelligent driving,TOSUN tools makes ECU calibration simple。

  • CCP/XCP calibration function
  • Support for importing A2L files
  • Supports DAQ/Polling measurements
  • Memory settings, including loading image files, configuring checksum methods, etc.
  • Supports characteristic parameter curves, MAP diagrams
  • Support for MDF/MF4 file storage and playback
  • Supports graphical display of variable curves
  • Supports calibration parameter management, par or hex format
  • Built-in message information analysis, diagnosis, calibration, and system variable data in one, easy to synchronize and analyze data.
  • Automated calibration is also possible by calling system variables.


In addition to the ability to automatically generate the base software stack, TSMaster can also automatically generate full ECU code when the TSMaster modeling and automatic code generation features are fully released.

TSMaster can be used to generate embedded code, including CAN/LIN communication driver, UDS protocol stack, BootLoader protocol stack, CCP/XCP protocol stack, etc. Embedded code can be generated with one click after configuration in the automation module from chip brand selection, model selection, protocol selection, unified diagnostic service configuration, diagnostic and calibration protocol selection, etc.


TSMaster is a virtual instrument software platform, which can connect, configure and control all TOSUN’s hardware tools and equipment. TSMaster apply to various functional requirements, automotive bus monitoring, simulation, diagnostic, calibration, BootLoader, I/O control, measurement test, EOL, etc.

TOSUN Hardware

Our hardware tools include CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, and Ethernet. Provide the R&D tools you need, and provide customized services to solve your channel issue and meet your calibration needs.

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