CAN FD/CAN Bus Conformance Test System

CAN FD/CAN bus conformance test system, in the hardware system based on TOSUN independent research and development of the bus analysis tools, interference instrument, conformance test chassis, and with program-controlled power supply, oscilloscope, digital multimeter and other standard peripheral instrumentation; in the software based on the TSMaster test script to achieve the specification of the test logic, through the program-controlled call to the hardware system, can be automatically Completes the conformance test of CAN FD/CAN node physical layer, link layer and application layer (network management, UDS diagnostics, flashing, routing) of automotive parts and generates the test analysis report in customized format.

Why does the bus need to be tested for conformance?

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and intelligent vehicles, the number of CAN FD/CAN/LIN/FR/Ethernet network nodes in vehicles is increasing, and the whole vehicle network is becoming more and more complex. According to the characteristics of the bus network, any one of the nodes involved in the communication parameters are inconsistent or fault problems will affect the communication quality of the entire network, and in serious cases, even cause the paralysis of the entire network, therefore, the international standards organization issued a series of conformance test specifications (such as ISO16845 for the CAN FD/CAN network) used to constrain the development of the network communication nodes. Quality. For OEMs, passing the bus conformance test specification and obtaining the certification report are the necessary conditions for parts access; for parts companies, the concept of conformance test should be established during the development and design process, and conformance test should be added to the product development process.

high degree of integration

One device for conformance testing and network automation testing related content


Writing and executing test cases based on TSMaster software makes it easy to expand new test cases, modify test report templates, or add other applications.

high degree of automation

Turn on automated testing with one click.
Automatic generation of detailed test reports upon completion


High reusability of scripts, the parameters used for testing are independent of the scripts and configured separately, simplifying the workload of adapting to different projects.

Application Areas

Physical Layer Testing

Data Link Layer Testing

Interaction Layer Testing

Fault Tolerance Testing

Communications diagnostic testing

AUTOSAR_NM network management test

CAN Bootloader Flashing Test

UDS diagnostic test

Gateway Routing Test