You are currently viewing 新品发布 | TC1018Pro和TC1034Pro正式发布,功能升级,多设备时间同步

New Product Release | TC1018Pro and TC1034Pro Officially Released with Upgraded Features and Multi-Device Time Synchronization

New Product Release

TOSUN latest launch of TC1018Pro and TC1034Pro two products, the new version in the retention of the original basic functions on the basis of the upgrades made, the main new IO function, error frame ID detection, time synchronization between multiple devices and other functions.

Next, let's see what specific feature upgrades these two products bring, and if they're exactly what you've been waiting for.



TC1018 Pro

TC1018Pro is a new upgrade of appearance and function on the basis of TC1018, it is a 12-channel CAN FD bus to USB interface card developed by TOSUN, which can monitor, analyze and simulate CAN FD bus data with our TSMaster software. It is widely used in automotive, industrial, special machinery and other industries for CAN bus testing and analysis, UDS diagnosis and ECU flashing.

TC1034 Pro

The TC1034Pro is a 2-way FlexRay, 2-way CAN FD bus to USB interface device with upgraded appearance and functions based on the previous TC1034; it can easily perform the work of FlexRay network development, simulation, testing, etc. It is suitable for R&D personnel, testers, ECU production lines and test engineers. It is suitable for R&D personnel, testers, ECU production line and test engineers.

IO Functional Features

4 digital IOs

Digital Input Characteristics:

  • Input range: 0-40V
  • Schmitt trigger, reference voltage support 1-5V software adjustable
  • Hysteresis 0.5V

Digital output characteristics:

  • Output voltage: 5/12V@100mA
  • Output Mode: Open Drain, Push-Pull
  • Output frequency: up to 200kHz
  • With overvoltage protection

3 digital IOs

Analog Input Characteristics:

  • Input voltage: 0-36V
  • Input impedance: 3.4MΩ
  • Resolution: 12bit

Analog output characteristics:

  • Output voltage: 0-30V
  • With overvoltage protection
  • Resolution: 12bit

Basic Functional Features

  • CAN Error Frame ID Detection:
    Supports recording the ID corresponding to the received message that triggered the error frame on the bus, and thus finding the abnormal node.

  • Highly accurate CAN FD cycle messages:
    Supports embedded software to precisely control periodic message sending, and supports up to 28 messages per channel.

  • CAN selfack:
    Enables the device CAN channel to actively send ACKs for rear-mounted device R&D testing.

Multi-device time synchronization

The new Pro version of the device enables microsecond (us) time synchronization between multiple devices with the time synchronization tool TSync01.

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