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University Programs | TOSUN Sponsors Beijing Institute of Technology Formula Dongfeng Nissan Racing Team (BITFSAE)


Dongfeng Nissan Formula Racing Team

Beijing Institute of Technology Formula Nissan Racing Team (BITFSAE), established in 2009, is a scientific and technological innovation team composed of racing technology enthusiasts and automobile-related professionals, and has participated in the China University Student Formula Racing Series organized by the China Society of Automotive Engineering for 13 consecutive years. The technology team of BITFSAE has developed the first pure electric formula car "White Shark", later renamed as "Silver Shark", and is committed to developing and manufacturing the best electric formula car.

TOSUN provided the BITFSAE team with: TSMaster software and CAN bus equipment.It helps the team to realize CAN bus data monitoring, playback, troubleshooting, testing, visualization of data using graphic curves and graphic panels, and real-time recording of data with data loggers at a later stage. We hope Beijing Institute of Technology Formula Dongfeng Nissan Racing Team (BITFSAE) will win good results in the coming races!

Since its establishment, the Beijing Institute of Technology Formula Dongfeng Nissan Racing Team (BITFSAE) has built a total of 10 Silver Shark Series cars and participated in the China Formula Student Series for 13 consecutive years.
In 2014 Silver Shark III won first place in the country; in 2015 it was third in the country. Results have also steadily improved in recent years, and in the last three seasons, the team has won first place nationally once and second place nationally twice, as well as individual awards such as the Outstanding Styling and Aerodynamic Design Award and the Outstanding Content Organization Award.
TOSUN Sponsored Products

TSMaster software provided by TOSUN can cover the whole process of code generation, SIL, HIL and VIL in automotive electronic V development model. It has the functions of embedded code generation, automotive bus analysis, recording and playback, simulation, graphic curve/panel, C script, UDS diagnosis, testing, CCP/XCP calibration, etc.; it can be applied to the whole process of R&D, testing, verification, production and after-sales.

TC1014 is a classic product of TOSUN CAN bus tool, it is a 4-channel CANFD bus to USB interface device, the highest rate of 8 Mbps, the product adopts high-speed USB2.0 interface to connect with the PC, the Windows system drive-free design makes the device has a

System compatibility. Combined with the powerful TSMaster software, which supports loading DBC and ARXML database files, it is easy to monitor, analyze, and simulate CAN FD bus data, as well as to support UDS diagnostics, ECU flashing, CCP/XCP calibration, and other functions.

University Program
Since its establishment, TOSUN has been adhering to the "University Program", sponsoring a variety of CAN hardware equipment and TSMaster software for development and testing to domestic and foreign university formula racing and electric karting teams, and devoting itself to setting up a public platform for the cultivation and selection of domestic outstanding automotive talents.