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University Program | TOSUN Sponsors Beijing Institute of Technology's Lutus Formula Driverless Racing Team (BITFSD)

The world's first collegiate unmanned Formula One racing team

Roadster Driverless Formula One Racing Team

BITFSD is affiliated to the Unmanned Specialized Vehicle Innovation Base of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), and it is a scientific and technological innovation team that takes all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship competitions as a traction to the forefront of unmanned vehicle technology. The team aims to participate in a series of top disciplinary events such as the World University Driverless Formula Car Championship, to improve the engineering practice ability and innovation and entrepreneurship awareness of the team members, to build an internationally renowned and domestic first-class student innovation and entrepreneurship practice platform brand, to meet the needs of intelligent automobile industry talent training, and to make a modest contribution to the development of the domestic unmanned vehicle industry and the development of the domestic automobile industry.

TOSUN provided the BITFSD fleet with: TSMaster software and CAN bus equipment.The Lutz driverless Formula One team will use the products provided by TOSUN to replace the original MeCa and CANtext to read the vehicle status, and at the same time apply to flashing the MATLAB_Simulink program for the on-board ECU..

So far, BITFSD is the team that has won the most FSAC championships, and is the only team in China that has won five consecutive championships in the event, and three consecutive championships in the 2020, 2021, and 2022 seasons, making it the first time for a national university to win three consecutive championships in the event, which is a historical record.
TOSUN Sponsored Products

TSMaster software provided by TOSUN can cover the whole process of code generation, SIL, HIL and VIL in automotive electronic V development model. It has the functions of embedded code generation, automotive bus analysis, recording and playback, simulation, graphic curve/panel, C script, UDS diagnosis, testing, CCP/XCP calibration, etc.; it can be applied to the whole process of R&D, testing, verification, production and after-sales.

TC1013 is a portable and easy-to-install 2-channel CANFD bus to USB interface device introduced by TOSUN. Together with TSMaster software, which supports loading DBC and ARXML database files, it can easily monitor, analyze and simulate CAN FD bus data, and also support UDS diagnostics, ECU flashing, and CCP/XCP calibration and other functions.
University Program
Since its establishment, TOSUN has been adhering to the "University Program", sponsoring a variety of CAN hardware equipment and TSMaster software for development and testing to domestic and foreign university formula racing and electric karting teams, and devoting itself to setting up a public platform for the cultivation and selection of domestic outstanding automotive talents.