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Event Review | TOUSN-Summer Star Reunion Event was successfully concluded!



On June 14th, the "TOSUN-Summer Star Reunion" held by TOSUN in Shanghai headquarters ended perfectly, this activity attracted more than 100 old users to participate enthusiastically, let's follow the video below to see it together~!
Check-in site
At 3:00 p.m., the sign-in hall on the first floor began to sign in one after another, and we prepared a TOSUN peripheral gift for every friend who signed in.
witness together

We are honored to have Mr. Yang Xiaorong, Managing Director of Frost & Sullivan Greater China, to visit us and give us a presentation onPresentation of the certificate of market status confirmation of "No.1 in China for automotive software toolchain customer coverage".We also invited the relevant leaders of Anting Town and Waigang Town to witness this honorary moment. We were also fortunate to invite relevant leaders of Anting and Waigang towns to visit the site, as well as our old friends SITIC Investment, Fenian Capital, and leaders of Atomic Venture Capital to witness this honorary moment with us!

After the certificate awarding ceremony, Mr. Mo also brought a wonderful speech on "Review of the course of TOSUN and future outlook", Mr. Mo said:We are now doing the "hard but right thing", in the context of the current global automotive industry revolution, we will find the importance of automotive industrial software in this change, and TOSUN is to seize this opportunity to break the trend of foreign monopoly of industrial software!The future, we will not forget the original intention, forge ahead, the global market is the sea of stars! In the future, we will not forget the original intention, forge ahead, the global market is TOSUN people's sea of stars! The guests and friends present at the meeting expressed affirmation and praise for the rapid development of TOSUN in recent years.

on-site exchange
On the day of the event, we placed the introduction video of TSMaster's latest software features and TOSUN's latest hardware products on the first floor check-in counter and the fourth floor respectively. The users and friends who came to the event on that day showed great interest in the latest TSMaster functions and the newly released hardware products.
Camping Dinner
TOSUN-summer star reunion activity with the opening speech of Mr. Mo, in the fourth floor terrace of Shanghai headquarters of TOSUN officially opened. This is not only a user appreciation meeting, but also a party of old friends that makes people relax physically and mentally, we are like changing a place to camp and chat, the scene atmosphere is relaxed and happy.
Finally, we would like to thank again all the government leaders, school leaders, investors, media friends, and users who participated in this event! In the future, we will continue to work hard to bring you more activities and services, and contribute to the global automobile business with TOSUN power and TOSUN wisdom. We look forward to meeting you next time!