TSMaster Simulation Function

TSMaster simulation function can realize multi-bus simulation such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, etc., as well as ECU code simulation with the help of soft HIL function, and the built-in Panel function of TSMaster can associate bus signals in the panel for graphical display.

CAN bus simulation

TSMaster supports CAN residual bus simulation by loading the database and directly selecting the nodes to be simulated, or more flexible simulation can be realized by combining panel and C programming.

LIN bus simulation

TSMaster supports LIN bus simulation, which can be used to simulate all ECU nodes in the whole vehicle network or select any ECU node to be simulated.

J1939 Bus Simulation

TSMaster supports J1939 bus simulation. It can be combined with the signal generator in TSMaster's message sending, C code applet, etc. to flexibly simulate the communication behavior of the whole vehicle network.

FlexRay Bus Simulation

TSMaster supports FlexRay bus simulation. With the innovative software HIL function of TSMaster, the simulation of ECU codes is also possible.

C/Python applet

TSMaster uses pure C language and Python scripting system. It provides hundreds of API functions related to system management app, communication management com, database related and test management test; and the script can directly access hardware, system variables, RBS modules and so on.

Graphics Panel

TSMaster has a built-in panel function, in which you can associate bus signals for graphical display, and control signals and telegrams in combination with RBS emulation.

Simulation Simulation application scenarios

  • Matlab Simulation & RBS Simulation

  • HIL/vIL bench testing

  • Vehicle Simulation Test