TSMaster - Comprehensive automotive bus design, simulation, analysis, test, diagnostic and calibration tool


TSMaster is a sophisticated virtual instrument software platform that empowers users to seamlessly connect, configure, and effectively manage TOSUN's hardware tools. It has been crafted to cater to an array of functional requirements, encompassing automotive bus monitoring, simulation, diagnostic, calibration, BootLoader, I/O control, measurement test, and EOL. Furthermore, TSMaster is fortified to support various protocols such as LIN, CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, and Ethernet.

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Practical Functions

Send and Receive messages

Supports manual sending, shortcut key sending and cycle sending. Provides signal generator and customized message function, which can be easily copied to C script to realize flexible message sending.

Load Database

Supports loading multiple database formats including DBC, ARXML, LDF, and XML. it provides database structure view, signal communication matrix view, and message communication matrix view, which is convenient to view and analyze the structure and communication relationship of database.

Database File Conversion Function

Support ten commonly used file formats for inter-conversion:

Graphical programming

Simply call the internal RBS functions, CAN/CANFD/LIN/FlexRay/Ethernet bus signals, system variables, applet APIs, etc., to realize flow and graphical programming; greatly improving work efficiency.

More Features



  • Automotive bus communication system design
  • Complete vehicle network testing and verification
  • Parts PV/DV verification
  • Production and after-sales brushing
  • Road test calibration
  • Information Security Verification
  • ADAS Driverless Data Collection Replay
  • LIN
  • Automotive Ethernet
  • FlexRay

A comprehensive tool for realizing comprehensive automotive electronics simulation and test

TSMaster is a powerful and comprehensive tool that supports Matlab Simulink co-simulation and ECU algorithm simulation testing (soft real-time HIL) for CarSim dynamics models. It provides a series of convenient functions and editors for users to execute ECU code directly in TSMaster, and supports C script and Python script editing. At the same time, TSMaster also provides applet functions that enable users to customize the simulation test panel, test flow, test logic and even the whole test system, and generate reports automatically. The code written by users based on TSMaster is hardware-agnostic and can be easily shared, referenced and used on different hardware platforms.

TSMaster supports a variety of popular bus tools, including Vector, Kvaser, PEAK, , ,IXXAT, as well as mainstream instruments (such as oscilloscopes, waveform generators and digital multimeters) and boards (such as AI, DI, DO, etc.) in the market. Its design concept is to be perfectly integrated with the test system to realize multi-hardware and multi-channel joint simulation and testing. This enables TSMaster to meet the needs of PV/DV test validation of various automotive electronic components and assemblies as well as production line off-line inspection.

Whether in R&D, test, ECU production line or aftermarket, TSMaster provides powerful support for engineers. It provides users with flexible tools and features for comprehensive automotive electronics simulation and testing. Whether you are an R&D person, a test engineer or an after-sales person, TSMaster will be your indispensable assistant.

With the help of TSMaster, you can carry out simulation and test work more efficiently and contribute to the development and progress of the automotive electronics industry.

Whether it is the validation of ECU algorithms or the testing of an entire automotive electronic system, theTSMaster is the ideal choice for you. Together, let's explore, innovate and succeed in a field full of challenges and opportunities!