DoIP functionality

Vehicle Ethernet Diagnostics Protocol, Diagnostics over Internet Protocol abbreviated as DoIP, enables automotive diagnostics over Ethernet protocol.DoIP is a standard protocol for communication and diagnostics between vehicles or between vehicles and diagnostic equipment. With DoIP, diagnostic engineers can access and diagnose the vehicle's electronic systems via Ethernet or remotely, and can perform diagnostic access and flashing of the Ethernet controller.

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    Supports remote access and diagnostics

    Enables remote access and diagnosis of the vehicle's electronic systems via Ethernet, including performing diagnostic access and flashing of the Ethernet controller.

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    Diagnosing Transport Layer Configuration

    Flexible diagnostic transport layer configuration options are provided, including configuration parameter settings for different types of diagnostic devices and network interfaces.

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    Supports a wide range of hardware devices

    Various hardware devices supporting DoIP functions, such as TE1051, TE1054 and TE1021, can be used to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

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    Scalability and flexibility

    DoIP is scalable and flexible, and can be customized and configured to meet specific diagnostic needs and network topologies.

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    Improved diagnostic efficiency

    Diagnostics via Ethernet protocol improves diagnostic efficiency and data transfer speeds

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    Support for automated diagnostic processes

    TSMaster provides an automated diagnostic process feature that helps users perform diagnostic tasks quickly with a diagnostic console and automated diagnostic process.

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    Suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions

    Supported hardware devices are small and ruggedized, require no external power supply, and are suitable for DoIP diagnostic flashing in a variety of environmental conditions.

TSMaster DoIP's TOSUN Ethernet hardware

The implementation of TSMaster's DoIP software functionality is built upon TOSUN's Ethernet hardware
Specifically, the TOSUN Ethernet hardware used for DoIP includes TE1051, TE1054 (planned), and TE1021.TE1051, ,TE1054(in planning),TE1021.

TE1051 - 100/1000Base-Tx/T1/T Interface Tool

The TE1051 is an Ethernet-to-USB device that can transfer standard Ethernet 100Base-Tx 1000Base-T or Car Ethernet 100/1000Base-T1 data to a PC via USB interface, and realize Ethernet data simulation, analysis, testing, DoIP and SOMEIP functions through TSMaster software. DoIP and SOMEIP functions can also be realized. Meanwhile, the TE1051 is a compact and ruggedized device that does not require external power supply and is suitable for DoIP diagnostic flashing under various environmental conditions.

TE1021 - 100/1000Base-T1 Media Conversion Tool

The TE1021 is a media converter for converting Ethernet in the car to normal Ethernet interfaces (100/1000Base-T1 to 100Base-Tx/1000Base-T), allowing users to convert 100Base-Tx to 100Base-Tx or 1000Base-T1 to 1000Base-T. It is suitable for DoIP applications with different Ethernet interfaces. It can be used to convert 100Base-T1 to 100Base-Tx or 1000Base-T1 to 1000Base-T. It is suitable for DoIP applications with different Ethernet interfaces, and the TE1021 is small and easy to carry in a ruggedized case.


Example of connecting an on-board controller

Example of an automated diagnostic process

The configuration of the diagnostic transport layer is divided into two types depending on the type of diagnostic instrument: TE Series devices and system TCP/IP.

DoIP Diagnostic Bus Type