UDS Bootloader Testing for Infineon MCUs

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TSMaster - UDS Flashing
TLE989X Solution

About Infineon

Infineon is a company providing semiconductor solutions with products and solutions that create and use energy more efficiently and play an important role in the journey to a net-zero world. They play a key role in driving the transition to green, safe and smart mobility services for all vehicles and are building clean, safe and smart vehicles to drive decarbonization and digitization of vehicles. Infineon's portfolio integrates a wide range of components, including sensors, microcontrollers, high-performance memory, power semiconductors and human-machine interaction components, making them the global leader in automotive semiconductors. Their goal is to make green energy a reality and to make a valuable contribution to the global environment by driving the transition to hybrid and pure electric vehicles.

The TLE989x is a motor driver designed to operate a 3-phase motor with six external power NFETs. It incorporates the widely used Arm® Cortex®-M3 core, which enables the implementation of advanced motor control algorithms, such as field-oriented control. Additionally, it features six fully integrated NFET drivers optimized for driving the motor, along with a charge pump that supports low voltage operation. The TLE989x offers programmable current and current slope control for optimized EMC performance. Its peripheral set includes a current sensor, a successive approximation ADC synchronized with the capture and compare unit for PWM control, and 16-bit timers. It also has a CAN transceiver to facilitate communication with the device, as well as several general-purpose I/Os. Furthermore, it includes an on-chip linear voltage regulator that supplies external loads.

"Easy Implementation of Infineon MCU-UDS Flash Bootloader - Introducing the bootloader implementation of the TLE989X series"

This article will introduce the general method of implementing Bootloader on TLE989X series.The bootloader can be used to remotely upgrade the product firmware through any communication port, without the need for professional personnel, special tools, or on-site operation to disassemble the device.The Bootloader provided in this paper integrates some UDS (14229, 15765 specifications) services with the TSMaster upper computer and downloads the APP program through the CANFD interface.

Overview of how to use the upper computer to download the APP program via Bootloader.We will use TSMaster as the bootloader's host and use UDS protocol to transfer APP.HEX file to MCU (the underlying communication protocol is CANFD).

The bootloader program will parse the data packets coming from the upper computer, combine the APP code packets and write them to the target Flash space in sequence.After the APP program in the target Flash area is successfully started, the Bootloader program will automatically quit running and the APP will start working.

Recommended Equipment

Infineon TLE989x Series

The TLE989x evaluation board provides a comprehensive evaluation of all features and peripherals of the TLE988x/9x product family.