We specialize in the field of virtual instrumentation, with our core product TSMaster

We have solved the "neck" problem in the field of in-vehicle communication simulation, testing, diagnosis and calibration in the industrial basic software track.

Real-Time HIL Simulation

TOSUN's hardware interface module offers the best performance. We can perform real-time simulation well.

ECU Flashing

The ECU flash program based on TOSUN bus tool chain can realize the ECU flashing function based on UDS by using TOSUN hardware + TSMaster software for free, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of developing ECU flash software and improve the development efficiency.

CCP/XCP Calibration

During the development of vehicles and ECUs, calibration is a vital part of the process. TSMaster can assisit you to optimise the vehicle and ECU performance.


The diagnostic transport layer supports CAN/CANFD/LIN, and in the future will support Automotive Ethernet and FlexRay, supporting multiple diagnostic modules online at the same time.

Automation module

It is extremely flexible, providing high-intensity simulation and complex test logic. Good options for engineers.