GW2112 PRO - 2-way CAN FD Gateway/Router

The GW2112 PRO Offline Gateway is a CAN(FD) repeater and CAN(FD) message conversion device. It can increase the load capacity of the bus and extend the communication distance, match CAN(FD) networks with different baud rates, and support the conversion between CAN and CANFD networks.

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The GW2112 PRO is a high performance CAN/CANFD intelligent router. The integrated 2-channel configurable CAN/CANFD interface supports ISO standard CANFD and non-ISO CANFD standards. The behavior of the GW2112 and the data routing between the 2-channel CAN FD channel can be configured arbitrarily, e.g. CAN can be converted to CAN FD or CAN FD applications can be integrated into existing CAN 2.0 networks.
Each interface is equipped with an independent 2500VDC electrical isolation protection circuit, which enables the interface card to avoid damage due to ground loop current, and enhances the reliability of the system for use in harsh environments.

GW2112 PRO also supports the configuration of basic information of two CAN ports, such as CAN mode, baud rate, filtering, etc. Meanwhile, GW2112 PRO also takes into account the security performance, with message encryption, configuration encryption, etc., to protect the user's information security at all times.


  • Time stamp resolution 1 μs, which meets advanced requirements.
  • High-speed USB2.0 interface, Windows system, Linux system drive-free design, with excellent system compatibility.  CAN channel DC2500V isolation.
  • CAN channel baud rate 125Kbps-1Mbps adjustable.
  • Supports blf, asc format data logging and offline/online playback.
  • Support information security testing.
  • Support Windows, Linux system secondary development interface (subsequent versions support).
  • Built-in 120 ohm termination resistor is software configurable.


Typical applications. 

  • Multi-Channel CAN FD/CAN Bus Data Acquisition for Whole Vehicles
  • Domain Controller Testing
  • Various automated test systems


Download GW2112 PRO-Datasheet Simplified Chinese

Download GW2112 PRO-Operation Manual Simplified Chinese

Download GW2112 PRO-Datasheet English Version

Download GW2112 PRO-UserManual English Version



Additional information

PC side

High-speed USB 2.0 interface

Timestamp accuracy

1us, hardware message timestamp for higher-order requirements

Terminal resistance

Built-in 120 ohm termination resistor is software configurable

Forwarding delay


Isolated Voltage

CAN channel DC2500V isolated

Power supply method


Shell material

Aluminum products



Operating temperature


Operating humidity

10% to 90% (non-condensing)

working environment

Keep away from corrosive gases


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