TTS9021 - 3-Channel Digital CAN Bus Fault Injection Board, CAN Communication

TTS9021 is a 3-channel digital I/O + 1 CAN bus fault injection board based on TTS chassis, dedicated to the integration of TTS chassis, based on the CAN bus message control, bus rate of 1M bps, support Window, Linux system of the secondary program development, the API interface makes the device can be easily integrated into other devices or software systems.

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  • All relevant test components are integrated into one device:
    CAN FD / CAN / Car Ethernet / FlexRay / LIN Communication Boards
    Digital Input/Output Boards
    Analog Input/Output Boards
    Relays, fault injection boards, etc.
    Resistors for analog sensors
  • Minimal wiring effort for test setups
  • Voltage range for automotive applications
  • Seamless integration into TSMaster

Typical applications. 

  • Dedicated test systems for individual ECUs
  • Universal Function Tester for ECUs and Subsystems
  • Flexible test hardware for developer workstations
  • Desktop-level network automation test system


Download TTS Product Line - Datasheet Simplified Chinese 

Download TTS Product Line - User Manual Simplified Chinese (Coming Soon)

Download TTS Product Series - Datasheet English Version (Coming Soon)

Download TTS Product Series - UserManual English Version (Coming Soon)


channel number

3 + 1 channel

Operating Voltage / Static Power Consumption

12V / 0.8W

Operating temperature

-20°C ~ +70°C

Operating humidity

10% ~ 90% (no condensation)

communications control

CAN 1 Mbit/s


TTS Chassis Rails

Size Information

100 mm x 420 mm

indicator light

12V Power Indicator, Channel Operating Indicator x 6

Number of input channels

2 channels

Input Voltage/Current Range

0 ~ 24V / 0 ~ 6A (external power supply)

Normal channels (X1-Y1, X2-Y2, X3-Y3)

Short circuit to power supply Vbat
Short to power ground VGND
Short circuit between channels
Passage open road

CAN channels (CANH, CANL, CAN, GND)

Short to power supply Vbat
Short to power ground VGND
Short circuit between channels
Passage open road
CAN Signal Band Load Resistance


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