TTS9015 - 8 CH analog input/output board

The TTS9015 AIAO board is a multifunctional analog acquisition board designed to be embedded in the TTS chassis. The board utilizes CAN bus communication and can be easily integrated into other devices or software systems. The board provides 8 independent inputs and outputs, each channel supports voltage acquisition, voltage output, current acquisition, current output, and voltage recovery when working in voltage output mode.

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  • All relevant test components are integrated into one device:
    CAN FD / CAN / Car Ethernet / FlexRay / LIN Communication Boards
    Digital Input/Output Boards
    Analog Input/Output Boards
    Relays, fault injection boards, etc.
    Resistors for analog sensors
  • Minimal wiring effort for test setups
  • Voltage range for automotive applications
  • Seamless integration into TSMaster

Typical applications. 

  • Dedicated test systems for individual ECUs
  • Universal Function Tester for ECUs and Subsystems
  • Flexible test hardware for developer workstations
  • Desktop-level network automation test system


Download TTS Product Line - Datasheet Simplified Chinese 

Download TTS Product Line - User Manual Simplified Chinese (Coming Soon)

Download TTS Product Series - Datasheet English Version (Coming Soon)

Download TTS Product Series - UserManual English Version (Coming Soon)


power supply

12V / 6W (no load)

communication interface

CAN 1 Mbit/s

indicator light

Power Indicator, Channel Operating Indicator x 8

Current acquisition/current output/voltage acquisition/voltage output Number of channels

8 channels

Current Acquisition/Current Output Range

0mA ~ 25mA

Current Acquisition Sampling Rate


Current Collection Reporting Frequency

1 KHz

Current Acquisition/Current Output Accuracy

±1 mA

Current Output/Voltage Output DAC Resolution

16 bit

Voltage acquisition range

-60V ~ + 60V , 0V ~ + 60V

Voltage Acquisition Sampling Rate


Voltage Acquisition ADC Resolution

20 bit

Voltage Acquisition/Voltage Output Accuracy

± (0.4% + 60mV)

Voltage acquisition input impedance


Voltage Output Output Range

0V ~ +60V

Voltage Output Output Current

Approx. 30mA for single channel, 10W for 8 channels combined


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