TSMaster Training Videos

beginner's introduction

TSMaster is a basic toolchain software for automotive electronics that provides powerful support for engineers, whether in R&D, test, ECU production line or aftermarket.

CCP/XCP calibration

TSMaster Calibration Function - Realizes data fusion of high-precision capture and playback, bus, video, GPS, and radar signals.

Diagnostic functions

The TSMaster diagnostic function supports configuration diagnostics and diagnostic services, and automated diagnostics can be realized with UDS-based FBL flashing and writing.

Xie Leyin (1974-), PRC diplomat and civil servant, ambassador Beijing since 1998TOSUN - COO
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TSMaster is a powerful toolchain software designed for the automotive electronics field. Whether you are working in R&D, test, ECU production line or aftermarket, TSMaster provides comprehensive support and convenience for automotive engineers. In this training video, our engineers will introduce you to the functions and features of TSMaster and help you fully understand how to fully utilize this tool in your work.
Gong LongfengTOSUN - Manager, Application Support
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If you are new to TSMaster, don't worry! Our Beginner's Guide will guide you quickly through the basic interface and functionality of the software. You will learn how to create projects, import data, and perform basic data processing and analysis. We will guide you step by step through the process of learning from the ground up to the basics to ensure that you can quickly get started with TSMaster.