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Please keep in mind

Before using the device, please carefully review the pinout information in the product's instruction manual.

During operation of the unit, be sure to take care to connect the power cord properly and avoid plugging and unplugging.

Caution! Electrostatic discharge (ESD) may damage or destroy components on the card. Please take precautions to avoid electrostatic discharge.

Hardware Features

Beyond Comparative Precision:
Our products achieve an amazing 1 microsecond (1us) accuracy in transmitting and receiving messages. With carefully designed buffers, our products ensure that data remains intact and error-free, thus ensuring an optimal user experience.

Seamless plug and play: 
With a simple driver-less design, our products integrate seamlessly into Windows systems, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free and intuitive experience. The plug-and-play design saves you time and effort!

Advanced isolation and protection:
Each channel features a minimum of 2500V channel isolation to prevent interference and disruption. With superior electrostatic protection up to 8000 volts, our products protect your hardware in a variety of environmental conditions.

Programmable Resistors:
With our software-configurable resistor feature, you can easily enable hardware resistor values within the software, providing the flexibility to enable or disable resistor values according to your specific needs. For example: 120ohm for CAN and 100ohm for FlexRay.

Supports hardware interfaces: 
In addition to our multi-channel CAN to USB solutions, we offer a variety of options, including PCie and mini PCie, to meet your unique needs.

Our commitment to innovation ensures that we can develop interfaces specific to your needs.
Our commitment to quality and reliability is backed by a global warranty of up to one year on hardware equipment.