TC1034 - 2-way FlexRay, 2-way CAN (FD) to USB2.0 interface

TC1034 is a 2-way Flexray, 2-way CAN (FD) bus to USB2.0 interface device, Flexray bus series using Windows system drive-free design makes the device has excellent system compatibility. It supports information security test function.

FlexRay series devices are listed in below table for more channels.

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Support dbc file, a2l file, blf file, asc file, arxml file to meet the needs of automotive-level CAN bus development, testing, calibration and diagnosis.

Support for secondary application development API interfaces for Windows and Linux systems allows the device to be easily integrated into other devices or software systems.

It can be used by R&D personnel, testers, ECU production lines, test engineers, and after-sales personnel.



  •  Time stamp resolution 1 μs, which meets advanced requirements.
  •  Ethernet connections, Driver free design for Windows base system with excellent compatibility.
  • CAN channel DC2500V isolated
  •  Automotive-grade design, supporting dbc files, a2l files, blf files, asc files.
  • Support for blf, asc format data recording and offline/online playback.
  •  Built-in script editing, supporting virtual simulation and semi-physical simulation.
  •  Supports UDS diagnostics and CCP and XCP calibration.
  • Support the TOSUN CAN/LIN Flash BootLoader series software.
  •  Support information security testing.
  • Support for secondary development interfaces for Windows and Linux systems.
  •  Built-in 120 ohm termination resistor is software configurable.
  • All paid licenses of TSMaster can be loaded.



  • PC-based software customization
  • Device communication interface integration
  • BootLoader customization
  • CCP/XCP protocol customization
  • Customized diagnostic protocols
  • Function Customization
  • Production Line Integration


Download TC1034-Datasheet Simplified Chinese

Download TC1034-User Manual Simplified Chinese

Download TC1034-Datasheet English Version

Download TC1034-UserManual English Version



2 x Flexray, 2 x CAN (FD) bus to USB3.0 interface devices


2-way Flexray, 12-way CAN (FD), 12-way LIN, 8-way IO to USB3.0 interface


2-way Flexray, 12-way CAN (FD), 12-way LIN, 6-way PSI5, 6-way SENT, 16-way IO to USB3.0 interface


2 Flexray, 12 CAN (FD), 12 LIN, 6 PSI5, 6 SENT, 16 IO to Ethernet (Ethernet) interfaces


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