TP1034 - 2 CH Flexray, 2 CH CAN FD to PCIe Interface

TP1034 is a 2-channel Flexray, 2-channel CAN FD bus to PCIe interface device; it can easily perform FlexRay network development, simulation, testing and other tasks.


The TP1034 is operated by the TSMaster software, which enables multiple TP1034s to be applied in parallel or to work in conjunction with other TOSUN FlexRay products. When combined with TOSUN's CAN, LIN, and Automotive Ethernet connectivity tools, the TP1034 enables a single PC with high performance multi-bus analysis and simulation capabilities. It is suitable for testers, ECU production lines, and test engineers.


  • Windows drive-free design with system compatibility
  • 2 FlexRay channels (both channels contain A and B, support internal bridging to be used as one channel, single device cold start possible)
  • 2 CAN FD channels
  • The Flexray channel supports 700KB of internal transmit buffer space and can store 240 transmit configurations concurrently.
  • Auxiliary communication controller for cold start without adding additional nodes
  • Perfectly adapted to FlexRay, CAN/CAN FD bus applications based on TSMaster
  • Compact design, especially for mobile applications
  • Support Windows system secondary development interface
  • Built-in 120 ohm termination resistor on CAN side configurable by software
  • Built-in 100 ohm termination resistor on Flexray side is software configurable

Typical applications. 

  • FlexRay Bus Flexibility Analysis
  • Precise time analysis of bus communication data
  • ECU test analysis and gateway applications
  • Various automated test benches


Download TP1034-Datasheet Simplified Chinese 

Download TP1034 - User's Manual Simplified Chinese

Download TP1034-Datasheet English Version

Download TP1034 -UserManual English Version



2 x FlexRay 2 x CAN FD

PC side

Standard PCIe interface


Windows system drive-free design, with excellent system compatibility


FlexRay channel (A and B)

cold start



Support CAN2.0A and B protocols, conforming to ISO11898-1 specification, baud rate 5Kbps-1Mbps


Support ISO and non-ISO standard CAN FD, baud rate 100Kbps-8Mbps


1us, hardware message timestamp for higher-order requirements


Flexray/CAN channel DC2500V isolation, electrostatic rating contact discharge ±8KV

CAN Termination Resistor

Built-in 120 ohm configurable software

Flexray Termination Resistors

Built-in 100 ohm software configurable

Electricity supply

PCIe port

Operating temperature


Product Size



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