Tlog1004 - 4 CH CAN FD, 2 CH LIN bus logger

TLog1004 is a multi-channel CAN (FD) bus, LIN bus interface logger device, CANFD bus rate support up to 8M bps, LIN bus rate 0~200k bps, and built-in 3 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs, convenient for a variety of signals and system integration, the product adopts a high-speed USB2.0 interface to connect with the PC, with 64G storage. It comes with 64G storage function, and the Windows system drive-free design makes the device with system compatibility.

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Optional bus analyzer function, activate this function, the device can be used as a 4CANFD + 2LIN bus analyzer and run with TSMaster software, supports loading DBC and ARXML database files, you can easily monitor, analyze, simulate the CAN bus data, ECU flashing and so on. Optionally, UDS diagnostics, CCP/XCP calibration can be activated. The secondary development API for Windows and Linux supports various development environments, such as C++, C#, LabView, Python, etc., which makes it easy to integrate into various test systems with high efficiency and ease of use.


  • Support ISO and non-ISO standard CAN FD, baud rate 100Kbps-8Mbps
  • Internal Real-Time Clock
  • Self-contained GPS, also available with GPS timing
  • Built-in 64G eMMC storage
  • LEDs indicate communication status
  • Configurable trigger methods
  • Data can be exported by connecting to a PC via USB
  • Can be exported directly to BLF format files
  • Exported BLF files can be played back directly in TSMaster software.


Typical applications.

  • Road experiment data collection
  • Three Highs Test
  • Bench testing and calibration


Download TLog1004-Datasheet Simplified Chinese

Download TLog1004-User Manual Simplified Chinese

Download TLog1004-Datasheet English-version 

Download TLog1004-UserManual English-version 


PC side

High-speed USB 2.0 interface

CAN side

DB9 interface (some other interfaces)


Drive-free design for Windows systems with excellent system compatibility, also supports Linux

Secondary development*

Support Python, LabView, C#, C++, etc., some of which provide routines.
*Note: Selecting to activate the Bus Analyzer feature supports the


Hardware caching to ensure no frame loss


Support CAN2.0A and B protocols, conforming to ISO11898-1 specification, baud rate 5Kbps-1Mbps


Support ISO and non-ISO standard CAN FD, baud rate 100Kbps-8Mbps

digital input

Sampling frequency 1KHz

digital output

Output frequency 1KHz


1us, hardware message timestamp for higher-order requirements


CAN channel DC2500V isolation, electrostatic level contact discharge ±8KV

Terminal resistance

Built-in 120 ohm termination resistor is software configurable

Electricity supply

USB power supply for analyzer, DC9-36V for recorder.

Operating temperature



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