TP1051 - 100/1000Base-Tx/T/T1 Interface Tool

TP1051 is a 2-way Ethernet to PCIe interface tool. Users can transfer the data of one of the modes of standard Ethernet 100Base-Tx 1000Base-T or Car Ethernet 100/1000Base-T1 to PC via PCIe interface, and realize the simulation, analysis and testing of Ethernet data through TSMaster software, and also realize the functions of DoIP, SOMEIP, and so on.

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TP1051 enables computers with PCIe slots to conveniently connect to in-vehicle Ethernet networks. Its compact size makes it easy to be embedded in in-vehicle industrial controllers, single board computers (SBCs), portable industrial control hosts, and industrial notebooks. It is easy to install and simple to use.


  • Hundred-μs (microsecond) level hardware message timestamps
  • Driverless design for Windows 7/10/11 systems, Win7 requires driver installation
  • 2 x 100Base-Tx 1000Base-T 100/1000Base-T1, switchable and selectable at any time via software
  • In-vehicle Ethernet interface form: TE MATEnet or Rosenberger H-MTD
  • Automotive-grade design supports loading ARXML files in TSMaster to parse in-vehicle Ethernet messages
  • DoIP support
  • Support SOMEIP
  • Support Windows secondary development API interface, support time-stamped Ethernet message RAW format receive, send and send completion events, support for modifying message CRC, support for hardware MAC filtering, VLAN filtering of the lower computer software.
  • Provide TCPIP sample projects based on API interface and lwip stack for secondary development.
  • Loopback maximum rate of approximately 7 Mbyte (transceiver duplex)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40℃~80℃

Typical applications. 

  • Vehicle Ethernet Residual Bus Simulation
  • In-vehicle Ethernet data monitoring and parsing
  • In-vehicle Ethernet communication testing
  • DoIP-based ECU flashing


Download TP1051-Datasheet Simplified Chinese

Download TP1051-User Manual Simplified Chinese

Download TP1051-Datasheet English Version

Download TP1051-UserManual English Version


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Standard Ethernet 100Base-Tx 1000Base-T or Car Ethernet 100/1000Base-T1

PC interface

USB 2.0

Ethernet interface

RJ45+TE MATEnet or Rosenberger H-MTD


Driverless design for Windows 10/11, driver required for Win7

Timestamp accuracy

Hundred-us (microsecond) hardware message timestamps

Isolation method

Network Transformer/Capacitor Isolation

Electricity supply

USB power supply

Operating temperature


Housing material

Aluminum products




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