TSMaster Getting Started 

Getting Started
TSMaster is an automotive development platform software, we support software download and custom development, fill in the relevant information to get the software download link!
TSMaster - Automotive Development Platform Software
We support software downloads and custom development.
Fill in the information to get the software download link

Help Pages help window


Installing the software

TSMaster Software


user manual

TSMaster Software "Help" Window-> "Software Manual" (English) / "Quick Start" (Chinese) to download the software operation manual.



TSMaster Software "Help" Window ->"Video Tutorials (Chinese)"/"Application Publishing" (Article Tutorials) to view articles & video tutorials.


API routines

TSMaster Software "Help" Window ->"API Routines" to see sample projects for TSMaster SDK.

Connect Hardware hardware connection


Channel Selection

TSMaster Software "Hardware" Window-> "Channel Selection" to select the number of channels you need.


bus hardware

After connecting the hardware, select the channels, set the attribute configuration for each channel, connect and start the test!


channel mapping

Click on the "Hardware" window-"Channel Mapping" to realize the conversion between virtual channels and real physical channels.


Select Manufacturer

The software supports hardware tools from multiple vendors (only tosun and vector are loaded by default), if you have hardware from other vendors, you need to check the corresponding vendors to load drivers here.

Bus functions we support: CAN, LIN, Flexray, Ethernet
Our hardware support: J2534 pass-thru, J1939, C and Python language APIs.

Connect Hardware 
hardware connection

Our supported bus functions:
Flexray, Ethernet

Our hardware support:
J2534 pass-thru, J1939
C and Python Language APIs

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