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TOSUN News|The first internal training class of TOSUN Technology is opened.

July 15The first internal training class of TOSUN Technology was officially opened.

Internal training class will become an important part of the regular internal training of TOSUN, and its curriculum adheres to the theory and practice, with the concept of "the front line of the war is the best practice field", so that the new colleagues can better understand the company, understand the team, and help the staff to be familiar with the company's various rules and regulations and master office automation tools and basic knowledge of the business. And business basics, the implementation of "positive, sunshine, responsibility, bear" with TOSUN core values, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of all employees.

CEO Mr. Mo Mang attended and delivered the spirit of TOSUN and the company's vision with the theme of "Our Value, Mission and Vision".

"We, TOSUN, are currently in a stage of rapid development, currently in Shanghai, Beijing, Changchun, Guangzhou, Chengdu, as well as Stuttgart, Germany, set up branches, the United States representative office in California will also be opened in two months, we will take advantage of the normalization of training in such a way, in the annual training cycle, so that colleagues from around the world to the front line of the training cycle! Mr. Mo Mang said, "The industrial basic software track is a track that requires feelings and dreams, although today we have become the industry leader and gained a lot of attention, we can't forget to quietly adhere to the original heart, self-reliance, hard work, take the initiative to invite the war, and actively go out to face the global competition for the global automotive industry, aerospace, naval and naval shipbuilding, etc.". Automobile industry, aerospace, naval military industry to contribute to the wisdom of TOSUN".

Highlight of CEO Mr. Mo Mang's wonderful speech!
Subsequently, the Department of General Management, the Department of Human Resources and the Department of Finance arranged other training courses respectively.