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TOSUN - NEW FlexRay Product is available NOW

FlexRay Main Feature -

Flexible configuration of communication controller buffer

Support empty frame

Composite communication mode can be composed of multiple cycles

Support a maximum frame load of 254 bytes

Support PDUs

Support PDUs with active monitoring feature

Support FlexRay datalogging and replay

Support Parallel use of Two FlexRay nodes

TC1034 Product Overview

The TC1034 operates with TSMaster software, which supports multiple TC1034 parallel applications, or works with other FlexRay products from TOSUN. The TC1034 can perform high-performance multi-bus analysis and simulation using TOSUN's CAN, LIN, and automotive Ethernet tools.

TC1034 Typical application

Hardware Specification

Automotive EDA tools

TSMaster is a sophisticated virtual instrument software platform that empowers users to seamlessly connect, configure, and effectively manage TOSUN's hardware tools. It has been crafted to cater to an array of functional requirements, encompassing automotive bus monitoring, simulation, diagnostic, calibration, BootLoader, I/O control, measurement test, and EOL. Furthermore, TSMaster is fortified to support various protocols such as LIN, CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, and Ethernet.

New Features for FlexRay Devices