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Exhibition News | Tongxing Intelligence to be Presented at 2023 Body & Interiors Conference, Information Security & Data Security Conference

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From April 18th to 21st, 2023, the 3rd Body & Interior & Exterior Conference and the 2nd Automotive Information Security & Data Security Conference, organized by Gaixin, will be held in Shanghai Greenland Mansion Conference Center. TOSUN Technology will bring its core product TSMaster and self-developed hardware products to the exhibition with the strength of domestic "intelligence".

The 3rd Body & Exterior Conference

Time: April 18-19, 2023
Venue: Shanghai Greenland Mansion Conference Center

Along with the wave of intelligence sweeping through the domestic automotive market, local body and interior/exterior trim-related enterprises are expected to integrate into the supply system of the global automotive market by virtue of their outstanding advantages such as fast response time and stable supply chain, which are deeply bound to their own brands. In order to help enterprises grasp the latest trend of global industry development, break the traditional business boundaries, and realize the innovative development of technology, products, and business at multiple levels, Gaixiang Automotive will hold the 3rd Body & Interior & Exterior Conference 2023 on April 18th-19th.

China Automotive Information Security and Data Security Conference

Time: April 20-21, 2023
Venue: Shanghai Greenland Mansion Conference Center

2023 The 2nd China Automotive Information Security and Data Security Conference will focus on intelligent networked vehicles standards and regulations, hardware security module HSM, basic software security solutions, Telematics vulnerability mining, channel information encryption technology means and other areas, and invite a number of guests from OEMs, parts supply enterprises, combined with the industry's practical experience, to make suggestions on how to grasp the bottom line of security after the trend of intelligentization.


Since its establishment in 2017, TOSUN has prioritized the development of domestically controlled fundamental toolchain products for automotive electronics, positioning itself as a leading Chinese brand in this industry. TOSUN's primary software, TSMaster, and its associated hardware offer essential features such as embedded code generation, automotive bus analysis, simulation, testing, diagnostics, and calibration. These tools cover the entire range of activities involved in automotive vehicle and component development, testing, production, experimentation, and after-sales support.

There are over 4,000 global enterprise users of the product, including automotive OEMs, component suppliers, chip manufacturers, equipment/service providers, engineering machinery, and industries such as aviation, aerospace, and naval military.