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The 3rd Software Defined Vehicle Forum and AUTOSAR China Day 2022

The 3rd Software Defined Vehicle Forum and AUTOSAR 2022 China Day

The 3rd Software Defined Vehicles Forun & AUTOSAR China Day 2022

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Event Background

More and more traditional OEMs and component manufacturers have started to invest in software development to better meet the arrival of the software-defined car era. Based on this background, Gaijin Automotive and AUTOSAR organized this forum to promote industry exchanges, facilitate industrial development, and study the current situation and future development trend of the automotive industry technology development under the trend of "software-defined car".

2022 The 3rd Software Defined Automotive Forum and AUTOSAR China Day will focus on software defined automotive, introduction and latest progress of AUTOSAR, basic software platform, in-vehicle operating system, next generation electrical and electronic architecture (EEA), service oriented architecture (SOA), OTA, intelligent automotive domain controller, changes in supply chain relationship in the era of software defined automotive, software defined automotive We will also discuss the disruption of the supply chain and the development of the new industry chain under the software-defined vehicle.

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