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TSMaster is a virtual instrument software platform that connects, configures and controls all hardware tools and devices of the same star to achieve automotive bus embedded code generation, monitoring, simulation, development, diagnosis, calibration, ECU brush, I/O control, test measurement and other functions.

TSMaster can support Vector, Kvaser, PEAK, ICS, Zhou Ligong brand bus tools and the market's mainstream instruments (oscilloscope, waveform generator, digital multimeter), boards (AI, DI, DO, etc.), combined with the functions of the test system and can achieve multi-hardware, multi-channel joint simulation, testing to meet the PV / DV test of various automotive electronic components, assemblies. DV test verification and production line off-line testing needs.

Operating System Support Win7/8/10/11
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TSMaster comes with an applet function that supports users to customize the simulation test panel, test flow, test logic, even test system and automated report generation. Each line of code written by users based on TSMaster is hardware-independent, shareable, referable, and cross-hardware platform.

Can support Matlab Simulink joint simulation, support joint Carsim to complete the ECU algorithm simulation test with vehicle dynamics model (soft real-time HIL). Built-in C script and Python script editor, which can execute ECU code directly in TSMaster.

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Main application scenarios.

  • Automotive bus communication system design.
  • Whole vehicle network validation.
  • Parts PV/DV verification.
  • Road test calibration.
  • Information security verification, remote DOS attacks.
  • ADAS driverless data acquisition playback.

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Secondary Development

Support Python, LabView, C#, C++, etc.

Supported protocols

CAN FD, CAN, LIN and soon Automotive Ethernet support

Number of supported channels

32 CAN or LIN channels


Support raw message, DBC/LDF message sending; Configurable signal generator; C script sending

Message Monitoring

Real-time display of raw messages, with the possibility of displaying signal values after loading DBC/LDF

Message Filtering

Support flexible configuration based on channel, message ID, signal value range

Data logging

Record directly to computer hard disk, recording time and hard disk size, file format is BLF, can be converted to ASC or MAT

Database Management

Load and parse DBC files, LDF files, Arxml files


Support CAN residual bus simulation, load DBC to directly select the node to be simulated, also can realize more flexible simulation by combining panel and C programming language


Support online playback and offline playback, can directly play back BLF format files

Statistical Information

Includes bus load, frame rate, error count, error frame rate, etc.

Graphical display

Supports graphical curves, dashboards, and numerical display of signal values

Script Editor

C, Python

Test Systems

User-definable complete test system with support for automated testing and automatic report generation

File format conversion

Support for the interconversion of ten common file formats used in automotive electronics: dbc/arxml/xlsx/xls/dbf/yaml/sym/csv/json/fibex.

UDS Diagnosis

Supports configuration of diagnostic parameters and diagnostic services, multi-frame sending, etc. ODX files will be supported soon (for an additional fee)

CCP/XCP calibration

Support A2L files, online/offline calibration and brush writing (this function requires additional payment)


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