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University Program|Formula Changchun University Team (FCC) Sponsored by TOSUN

Tournament Introduction

The China Formula Student Car Competition is a car design and manufacturing competition participated by teams of students from higher education institutions majoring in automotive engineering and related fields. Each team designs and builds a small single-seater recreational car with excellent performance in acceleration, braking and handling, which can successfully complete all or part of the competition within one year in accordance with the rules and standards of car manufacturing.

FSC China upholds the ambitious ideal of "China Creates the Future". It is a new type of event to train the future leaders and engineers of China's automotive industry, and a platform to exchange with international young automotive engineers. FSC China is committed to building a public platform for the training and selection of outstanding domestic automotive talents, and improving students' comprehensive abilities in five areas, including design, manufacturing, cost control, business marketing, communication and coordination, through a comprehensive assessment, so as to promote the Chinese automotive industry from a "big manufacturing country" to a "strong industrial country". The students will be able to improve their abilities in five areas: design, manufacturing, cost control, business marketing, communication and coordination.

Formula Changchun University Team (FCC)

-Fleet Introduction

Formula Changchun College Team (FCC), abbreviated as "Faith Cooperation Challenge", was established on March 22, 2016, based on the School of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering of Changchun University. The team is coached by Li Wei and Sun Binghan, and currently has 73 official members, covering mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, vehicle engineering, electronic information, automation, intelligent manufacturing, financial management, marketing, economics, digital media and other majors. Since the beginning of the team, the team concept has been "mutual trust, sincere cooperation and courageous challenge".

-Fleet History

Since its establishment, the team has designed and built ten cars by itself. July 2016, the Fcc team started to make the first prototype car, and named it "Pinocchio", which gained the attention of the relevant columns of and Changchun New Culture Newspaper, and was followed and photographed for a long time. 2017, the first competition, won the China Formula Student Car Competition In 2018, the FCC team continued its efforts and won the most influential team of the 2018 season, ranking 15th in the country for the first time for the tram, 13th in the country for the fuel car, and second in the country for straight-line acceleration, and both cars won the national second prize. Good results, the oil car into the national TOP 10.

-Award Winning Experience


The only best rookie award in China Formula Student Car Competition



Trolley ranked 15th in the country



Oil car ranking national TOP10

Fleet Manufacturing Footage