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University Program|TOSUN sponsors SCAU Pure Electric Formula Racing Team at South China Agricultural University

TOSUN University Racing support

Tournament Introduction

The China Formula Student Car Competition is a car design and manufacturing competition participated by teams of students from higher education institutions majoring in automotive engineering and related fields. Each team designs and builds a small single-seater recreational car with excellent performance in acceleration, braking and handling, which can successfully complete all or part of the competition within one year in accordance with the rules and standards of car manufacturing.

FSC China upholds the ambitious ideal of "China Creates the Future". It is a new type of event to train the future leaders and engineers of China's automotive industry, and a platform to exchange with international young automotive engineers. FSC China is committed to building a public platform for the training and selection of outstanding domestic automotive talents, and improving students' comprehensive abilities in five areas, including design, manufacturing, cost control, business marketing, communication and coordination, through a comprehensive assessment, so as to promote the Chinese automotive industry from a "big manufacturing country" to a "strong industrial country". The students will be able to improve their abilities in five areas: design, manufacturing, cost control, business marketing, communication and coordination.

South China Agricultural University SCAU Pure Electric Formula Racing Team

-Fleet Introduction

South China Agricultural University SCAU pure electric formula racing team was established on May 19, 2012, operating autonomously under the joint guidance of the Department of Vehicle Engineering of the College of Engineering of South China Agricultural University and the Science and Technology Federation of the College of Engineering. The team has a technical department and a management department, which work together to complete the daily operation of the team and the design and manufacture of the cars. The team gathers a group of students who are passionate about racing, and the members are mainly students from the College of Engineering, while widely absorbing outstanding talents from other colleges of the university to complement each other's strengths, devoting themselves to improving the R&D and design and innovation ability of college students, enabling them to fully apply their learned theories to the actual production, giving full play to their practicality and innovation.

-Fleet History

The team focuses on the research and design of trams. Since 2013, the team has designed and built eight Formula cars, and participated in the Formula Student Competition for eight consecutive years, winning the first prize in the nation for overall performance and the first place in straight-line acceleration, among other outstanding achievements. In recent years, the team has been strong in vehicle dynamics simulation, winning the MathWorks Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Award for two consecutive seasons and the Triple Electric Technology Sharing Award. 2021, in addition to continuing to participate in the electric formula race, the team has built an unmanned car for the first time to participate in the driverless formula competition.

-Award Winning Experience


- Best News Award" of China Student Electric Formula Competition


- Third Prize of "MathWorks Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Award" in China Student Electric Formula Competition

- China Formula Student Electric Competition "Yong Brother Yuan Meng Best News Award"


- First place of "Three Electricity Technology Sharing Award" in China Formula Student Electric Competition

Highlights of the past years