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TOSUN and ChipON IC Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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Partnership with chip manufacturer


Shanghai TOSUN Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai ChipON Micro-Electronic Co., Ltd signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on June 24. Ltd. is committed to jointly promoting the development of domestic chips and tool chains, and providing domestic alternative solutions for the automotive industry chain from chips to development, simulation, testing, diagnosis, calibration and after-sales, across the whole industry chain and business scenarios. With the tenet of mutual benefit and win-win and common growth, the two sides reached a strategic cooperation through friendly negotiation.


Shanghai ChipON Micro-Electronic Co., Ltd is a leading chip design company in China, with rich experience in MCU digital processing IC applications. The core product line of automotive-grade MCUs has passed AEC-Q100 quality certification and achieved mass commercialization in the automotive front-end market, covering a wide range of scenarios such as body control, automotive power and motor, automotive lighting and intelligent cockpit.

Speed with meter

TOSUN Technology

Its core product TSMaster software and supporting hardware equipment cover the whole process of automotive industry chain, such as embedded code automatic generation, bus design, simulation, testing, diagnosis, calibration and after-sales service. Engineering machinery, aerospace, national defense and other industries.

Domestic substitution and win-win cooperation

TOSUN will provide embedded code generation function in its own software, TSMaster, for the auto-grade MCU of CoreManager KungFu core, including but not limited to CAN/LIN communication driver, UDS protocol stack, BootLoader protocol stack, CCP/XCP protocol stack and other base software (BSW). The AUTOSAR middleware solution will automatically generate the complete ECU embedded code for Kungfu series automotive MCUs, including application layer software, after the complete release of TSMaster modeling function. Currently, the above features are provided free of charge for users of CoreManager KungFu core MCUs and are free to use.


In addition, with the powerful functions of TSMaster, users of KongFu core automotive-grade MCUs can efficiently and cost-effectively realize HIL algorithm verification, PV/DV test verification, production line brush, off-line testing, fault diagnosis, road test calibration and other functions of ECUs; with the innovative application release function of TOSUN, they can quickly realize the conversion of R&D, test, production and after-sales processes. At the same time, it can also protect the know-hows of enterprises and greatly improve the efficiency of the whole industry chain.

The "Software Defined Vehicle" brings unprecedented strategic opportunities for domestic substitution, and China's automotive industry has gradually realized the following, parallel to leading in new energy vehicles, intelligent network connection, advanced driver assistance and other segments. Provide TOSUN solutions and contribute TOSUN wisdom.

-Mo Mang, CEO of TOSUN