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Exhibition News | TOSUN presents the latest version of TSMaster software supporting DoIP diagnostic function at the 2nd Automotive Artificial Intelligence Conference

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TOSUN Exhibition Preview

2024 2nd Automotive Artificial Intelligence Conference

2024 The 2nd Automotive AI Conference will be held on April 17-18 in Shanghai, the conference focuses on: AI forward-looking technology, AI + automotive scenarios and applications, the topics covered: the latest trends in artificial intelligence, AI big model technology and on-board applications, multi-modal fusion, AI Agent, LLM, DriveGPT algorithms, computational platforms, data closure, cloud-native + AI, supercomputing/calculation power, AI simulation, end-to-end full-stack AI solutions, automotive robots, AI smart pods, AI digital human-emotional interaction, ChatGPT, AI interface design, AIGC styling design, AI digital equipment, and other hot topics will be discussed, and we will have a common conversation about AI meets automotive: subversion and reinvention.

In this conference, TOSUN willBringing the latest version of TSMaster software supporting DoIP diagnostic function and the latest industry solutions to this exhibition.We invite you to come and visit us.

  • Activity time:April 17-18, 2024
  • Event Location:Ruili Hotel Shanghai Auto City

Exhibition Highlights

TSMaster Software

The latest version of TSMaster Main Features:

  • Supports DoIP diagnostics

TSMaster supports the DoIP function, which is realized with the Ethernet hardware of TOSUN as the basis. In TSMaster, you can set the network interface information and configure the corresponding diagnostic process for flashing.

  • Ethernet related API interfaces
  • TSMaster x64 software version

More new features can be found at the Tongxing booth!

Latest Hardware Products

TOSUN automotive bus hardware tools are available in CAN/CAN FD/LIN/FlexRay/Automotive Ethernet to USB and Ethernet PC interfaces, as well as CAN FD-CAN gateway, CAN/LIN offline data logger, offline flashing tool, remote diagnostic and flashing tool, and so on. Also recently releasedConformance Interferometer Products, Multi-Channel CAN FD Gateways/Routers, Multi-Channel CAN FD to USB/WIFI DevicesAnd so on.


TOSUN has been deeply plowing into the field of automotive electronics basic tool chain, and is committed to providing independent and innovative solutions to the engineering problems in the fields of automotive R&D and manufacturing, industrial production and so on!

  • ECU Flashing Program
  • CCP/XCP calibration program
  • Bus Conformance Test Program
  • HIL Simulation Test Solution
  • SecOC test solution based on TSMaster
  • Component Endurance Testing Solutions
  • FCT Testing Solutions
  • EOL offline testing program
  • Aftermarket Diagnostics & Flashing Solutions