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TOSUN 2023 Annual Zhoushan Team Building Activities

Zhoushan group building day

Enjoy the beach

A group of like-minded people

Running together on the road of ideal

Letting go of the mood together

Share the joy and bring you and me together!

Sea breeze on your face

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Walking on the beach with partners

Chasing the waves barefoot

Laughing and playing in the sand and water.

Together with the stars, to help China's intelligent manufacturing! 2023 annual group building

In this hot and cold May season, in order to further enhance team cohesion, create a positive, responsible and happy working atmosphere, so that everyone can better put into the next work. TOSUN organized an outdoor group building activity to Zhujiajian in Zhoushan.

Early in the morning of May 12, the partners assembled with great expectation and efficiently, and took the bus to Zhoushan together to start a wonderful mid-year trip.

Day 01

Sandy Beach
Bonfire Party

Along with the sound of laughter, after a 4-hour drive, we arrived at Zhoushan, the destination of this group building. After lunch, we arrived at the hotel by bus, took a short rest and missed the hottest time of the day, and came to the first stop of the trip - Daqing Mountain Scenic Area with Star Intelligence.

1-Ice breaker & beach group building

Under the guidance of the coach, all members began to assemble and form groups for warm-up training. We were divided into 9 groups, and each group needed to elect a captain, receive a flag, and also need to draw a pattern representing the team name on their own team flag. We opened with a powerful song and dance, and organized some interactive warm-up games. By opening in this way, we could let everyone get familiar and know each other and integrate into the team quickly.

Next, we organized competitive activities such as beach volleyball and Frisbee group building at the beach.


After the passionate beach group, we must be hungry, in the evening, the colorful and fragrant kebabs with cold beer and drinks, let us eat our own grilled food and drink with our partners in the beautiful sea view and the sound of the waves. Lift up your glass, talk freely, take off all the fatigue in your life, and enjoy the rare gathering time with your fellow stars at this moment!

3-Bonfire party

At sunset, a romantic campfire carnival went on. The warm campfire on the camp hill, the crackling charcoal fire on the barbecue grill, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we all hold hands together around the campfire, singing and dancing and playing, the stars accompanied by singing and laughter, our enthusiasm is more exuberant.


Sailing out + kayaking

1-Sailboat out to sea

The sailboat is like the epitome of the same star, the same star guys are riding a sailboat together, sailing together towards the same goal.


The last activity of this group building is kayaking, which is an easy to learn, fun and safe water sport. We were divided into two groups of two, each with their own kayak pulp, to start the journey of breaking the waves. The partners sometimes completely empty rafting water, sometimes a burst of water gun strafing, and sometimes attack each other to hit the water ...... really experienced a "children's fun, free to fly" fun!

One way with the star, help China's intelligent manufacturing

After the trip in the morning of the second day, we had lunch in Zhoushan and set off on the way back to Shanghai. The mid-year group building trip to Zhoushan also ended successfully.

Although the two days were short, the enthusiasm came true. We believe that every time we return, it is for a better departure; every time we stop, it is for accumulating strength. 2023, with the stars, together! Believe in this belief and love, the future will be a sea of stars; this journey, unity as a companion, the sea of stars is brilliant; the next journey, we continue to open up, and then conquer the sea and mountains!