2024 School Recruiting | TOSUN Looking Forward to Journeying Together with You!



01 Hot Jobs

:: Software Engineer

Post Directions:

Embedded direction: microcontroller/Linux driver, embedded C language development

Upper computer development direction: C/C++ ; C# 

Hil Engineer: System Simulation Scenario Building



:: Sales Engineer

Job Requirements:

Science and Engineering Vehicle Engineering, Mechatronics, Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Automation, Measurement and Control and other related disciplines are preferred.

Job Responsibilities.

Responsible for the company's self-developed products related to customer development and relationship building and maintenance, as well as sales and promotion of related projects, demand mining, sales opportunities tracking, cooperation to achieve.



:: Technical Support Engineer

Job Requirements:

Familiar with at least one programming language such as Labview, C, C++, C#, Python, etc. Familiar with in-vehicle Ethernet, CAN, LIN, CANFD, FlexRay bus is preferred.

Job Responsibilities.

Responsible for daily technical support and training for self-developed product TSMaster and tool chain products (bus simulation, testing, diagnostics, calibration); technical communication with customers and assisting customers to develop product project plans.





02 Resume Delivery

→ Delivery method:

Offline channels:

Job fair drop-offs on-site.

Online channels:

可将简历投递至邮箱campus@tosunai.cn (Answers to related school recruitment queries are also available on this email address).

→ Interview process:

Interviews will be invited via email after the initial screening of resumes, with 1-2 rounds of interviews, and you can enter the offer process after passing the interviews.

→ Company benefits:

Five insurance and one gold, meal allowance, group building travel, afternoon tea, annual physical examination and so on.



03 About TOSUN

Founded in 2017, TOSUN has been focusing on the research and development of domestically independent and controllable automotive electronic basic toolchain products, and is also the domestic leading brand in this field. TOSUN's core software TSMaster and supporting hardware equipment, with embedded code generation, automotive bus analysis, simulation, testing and diagnostics, calibration and other core functions, covering the entire process of automotive OEMs and parts R&D, testing, production, testing, after-sales. There are more than 4,000 users worldwide, covering automotive OEMs, component suppliers, chip makers, equipment/service providers, engineering machinery, aerospace and naval military industries. Headquartered in the National University Science Park of Tongji University in Jiading District, Shanghai, the company also has branches in Guangzhou, Beijing, Changchun, Chengdu, Taiwan and Stuttgart.