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Speaker Preview|TOSUN meets you at ICVS 2023 Annual Conference on Automated Driving in China

On December 21-22, 2023, the 3rd Annual ICVS China Autonomous Driving Conference 2023 will kick off at the Sheraton Jiading Hotel in Shanghai, China.December 22, p.m.With the domestic automotive electronics toolchain software TSMaster, TOSUN will participate in the special conference "Automotive Software Driving Technological Innovation" and deliver a speech.The topic of the presentation is "Joint Simulation Techniques to Enable Cost-Effective Software Development Testing".We look forward to your visit!

This exhibition is a year-end feast for 75+ guests, 100+ exhibitors, and 2000+ listeners to gather in automatic driving. 75+ big names in automatic driving industry from famous enterprises and colleges and universities will focus on hot topics in automatic driving industry, such as chip, radar, chassis, software, vehicle-circuit-cloud integration, and cabin-driving fusion, and will analyze cutting-edge policies, latest technologies, and development trends of the industry in depth.


Time: December 21-22

Venue: Sheraton Shanghai Jiading Hotel

Booth: Booth 37

Presentation Topics

D2 Session I: "Automotive Software Driving Technology Innovation

Presentation: December 22nd 14:00-14:30

Venue: Sheraton Jiading Hotel, Shanghai

Speaker: CMO of TOSUN / Luo Weiguang

Sharing Topic: "Joint Simulation Technology to Realize Low-cost Software Development Testing".


Since its establishment in 2017, TOSUN has prioritized the development of domestically controlled fundamental toolchain products for automotive electronics, positioning itself as a leading Chinese brand in this industry. TOSUN's primary software, TSMaster, and its associated hardware offer essential features such as embedded code generation, automotive bus analysis, simulation, testing, diagnostics, and calibration. These tools cover the entire range of activities involved in automotive vehicle and component development, testing, production, experimentation, and after-sales support.

There are more than 5,000 corporate users worldwide, covering: automotive OEMs, component suppliers, chip makers, equipment/service providers, engineering machinery, aerospace and other fields.

The company's headquarters is located in Tongji University National University Science Park in the Jiading district of Shanghai. Additionally, the company has branch offices in Guangzhou, Beijing, Changchun, Chengdu, Taipei, and Germany(Stuttgart).