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New Products | TP1026P Series of Intelligent PCIe Interface Cards Released Officially

New Product Release

Following the launch of PCIe interface devices TP1013 and TP1018 new products, TOSUN Technology PCIe series products TP1026P was officially unveiled! This product not only supports CAN FD bus to PCIe interface, but also supports multi-channel LIN interface. Mainly used in LIN bus simulation and testing and various automated test systems.

TP1026P-1CH CANFD, 6CH LIN to PCIe Interface

1. Product profile

The TP1026P is a 1-channel CAN FD, 6-channel LIN to PCIe interface tool.

The TP1026P interface card enables computers with PCIe slots to easily connect to LIN/CAN/CAN FD bus networks and monitor multiple bus networks in real time. Compact in size, it can be easily embedded into vehicle-mounted industrial controllers, single board computers (SBC), portable industrial control hosts, and industrial notebooks. Easy to install and simple to use.

Together with the powerful TSMaster software, it can easily monitor, analyze and simulate LIN and CAN FD bus data, and also support UDS diagnostics, ECU flashing functions.

Support secondary development API, can support all kinds of development environments, such as C++, C#, LabView, Python, etc., easy to integrate into a variety of test systems, efficient and easy to use.

2. Typical applications

  1. LIN bus simulation and testing
  2. In various automated test systems

3. Main functions

  • Hardware message timestamping at us (microsecond) level for high level requirements
  • Drive-free design for Windows/linux systems with excellent system compatibility
  • Standard PCIe x1 interface
  • Number of channels: 6 channels LIN interface, 1 channel CAN/CAN FD interface
  • CAN channel DC2500V isolation
  • Support for database files such as LDF, DBC, ARXML, etc. through TSMaster software
  • Supports BLF and ASC format data logging and offline/online playback
  • LIN-capable UDS diagnostics and Flash Bootloader
  • Supporting Windows, Linux system secondary development API interface
  • All paid licenses for TSMaster software can be loaded

4. Technical parameters

General parameters


6 x LIN

1 x CAN FD

PC terminal

Standard PCIe interface

CAN/LIN terminal



Windows system drive-free design, with excellent system compatibility


Hardware caching to ensure no frame loss


Support CAN2.0A and B protocols, conforming to ISO11898-1 specification, baud rate 5Kbps-1Mbps


Support ISO and non-ISO standard CAN FD, baud rate 100Kbps-8Mbps


Supports LIN 1.3 and 2.0 at baud rates of 0-20Kbps.

Timestamp accuracy

1us, hardware message timestamp for higher-order requirements

Terminal resistance

CAN side 120 ohms software configurable

Messages per second*

Maximum 20,000mps

Messages received per second*

Maximum 20,000mps


CAN channel DC2500V isolation 

Electricity supply

PCIe power supply



Operating temperature


*Note: CAN single channel 1Mbps, 0 byte data field case

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