You are currently viewing 新品发布 | 同星智能重磅发布TH7011—CAN FD一致性干扰仪!

New Product Release | TOSUN re-released TH7011-CAN FD Conformance Interferometer!

New Product Release

Conformance testing is a testing process used to check whether a component complies with the relevant standards to ensure the quality of a product, and CAN/CAN FD conformance testing means testing whether the CAN/CAN FD nodes comply with the CAN communication protocol specification! In a CAN/CAN FD network, inconsistencies in the quality of the nodes may lead to network failures or network paralysis. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal and safe operation of a CAN/CAN FD network, it is essential to perform CAN/CAN FD conformance testing.

TOSUN launched the CAN/CANFD bus interference meter-TH7011, which is the core product used for CAN/CAN FD bus conformance test.

1. Product profile

The TH7011 is a tamper meter for conformance testing of CAN/CAN FD buses, mainly for digital tampering. When performing the conformance test, a simple test setup based on the host computer is all that is required, without additional special cables and CAN interfaces.

2. Functional characteristics

  1. Can interfere with specific bit values of CAN/CAN FD messages; Supports various trigger modes, such as software trigger, frame trigger, and error frame trigger;

  2. Flexible definition of jamming sequences with an accuracy of 5ns and a theoretical upper limit length of 65536 jamming points, customized sequences or message sequences;

  3. Support bit width deviation test, Bus-off state fast and slow recovery test, CAN_H, CAN_L ADC sampling waveform data storage and display, of which the sampling speed for dual-channel (CAN_H, CAN_L) 40M AD sampling points

3. Typical applications

  • Sample point testing of ECUs
  • ECU Bus-off Behavior Testing
  • Frame jamming and frame triggering outputs
  • Bit Width Tolerance Test
  • Scope Waveform Capture

4. Interference meter parameters

Basic Functions

Supports CAN and CAN FD standard, extended and remote frames.

● Support common baud rates: 125K, 250K, 500K, 1M, 2M, 4M, 5M.

● Supports CAN message sequence configuration and transmission.

● Supports CAN error frame level detection.

● Support for CAN frame bit by bit dominant interference, implicit interference, and flip-flop interference.

● Support for dominant, hidden, and flip-flop interference within the selected bit time of CAN frames.

● Support for CAN jamming sequence configuration and transmission

Supports CAN frame triggering and error frame triggering.

● Support CAN frame trigger level length configurable

Supports CAN_H CAN_H ADC sampling data waveform display and storage.

● Support for CAN bus bit width deviation parameter recording

● Supports CAN bus bus-off status recovery time recording.


● Support USB power supply

● Support USB and 100M/1000M Ethernet for upstream/downstream communication.


5. Forthcoming

We are also about to launch a complete set of standardized equipment for CAN FD/CAN bus conformance testing, please look forward to it ......

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