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University Project|TOSUN Sponsors NIRVANA Formula Team of Xi'an Aviation College

Tournament Introduction

The China Formula Student Car Competition is a car design and manufacturing competition participated by teams of students from higher education institutions majoring in automotive engineering and related fields. Each team designs and builds a small single-seater recreational car with excellent performance in acceleration, braking and handling, which can successfully complete all or part of the competition within one year in accordance with the rules and standards of car manufacturing.

FSC China upholds the ambitious ideal of "China Creates the Future". It is a new type of event to train the future leaders and engineers of China's automotive industry, and a platform to exchange with international young automotive engineers. FSC China is committed to building a public platform for the training and selection of outstanding domestic automotive talents, and improving students' comprehensive abilities in five areas, including design, manufacturing, cost control, business marketing, communication and coordination, through a comprehensive assessment, so as to promote the Chinese automotive industry from a "big manufacturing country" to a "strong industrial country". The students will be able to improve their abilities in five areas: design, manufacturing, cost control, business marketing, communication and coordination.

Xi'an Aviation Academy Formula NIRVANA Team

-Fleet Introduction

NIRVANA Formula Team of Xi'an Aviation College was established in 2015, initially as a team formed by undergraduate students of vehicle engineering and related majors. The team started to write their chapter with dreams and love under the guidance of Mr. Xiong Yicheng. Their goal is to stand out in the FSC and to prove themselves. At the beginning of the team, various departments were set up, namely transmission, wheelside braking, steering, bodywork, suspension, engine, electric control, frame and operation departments, each department has its own role, and together they contribute their own strength to the whole team, insisting on the dream and love.

-Fleet History

The team upholds the school motto of "Virtue, Energy and Newness" and the team philosophy of "Unity, Teamwork, Innovation and Creativity". Since its participation in 2015, NIRVANA team has participated and completed four Formula Student China (FSC) competitions with record high results. The team will continue to carry forward the team concept and become an even better FSAE team. In the past few years, the team has held seminars on the design of racing cars, such as "Six Schools Join Hands to Embark on a Journey of Miles", "Kunlun Lubricant Cup - Annual China University Formula Car Competition Campus Tour", etc. In their spare time, the team organizes to watch the racing cars and catch every single operation of the cars. In the spare time, we organize to watch the race cars, catch every detail of the operation of the cars, learn the driving habits and skills of other teams, and make sufficient preparation for the dynamic race.

-Award Winning Experience


"Third Prize of "Kunlun Lubricant Cup" China Formula Student Car Competition


Most Influential Team" in China Formula Student Car Competition


Third Prize of China Formula Student Car Competition


Excellence Award" in China Formula Student Car Competition

Highlights of the past years

If you have a racing dream, then NIRVANA Racing Team is the starting point for you to fulfill your dream. There are a group of dreamers here, you just need to carry your dream and passion, full of confidence, and strive with all your might, you will keep growing and meet a better you!