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Exhibition Preview | TOSUN Invites You to the 2024 Automotive Testing Expo in Germany

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2024 Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart, Germany

Germany Stuttgart automotive testing and quality control exhibition (Automotive Testing Expo) will be held on June 4 ~ 6, 2024 in Stuttgart Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition cycle is held once a year, Automotive Testing Expo is the automotive testing field of the strongest professionalism, the influence of one of the most extensive exhibition, but also is the The Automotive Testing Expo is one of the most specialized and influential trade fairs in the field of automotive testing, and is the ideal occasion to discover the latest test, development and validation technologies for components and complete vehicles.

TOSUN will bring the latestTSMaster Software & Test SolutionsWelcome to visit TOSUN booth to learn about the latest CCP/XCP calibration solution and Car Ethernet solution in automotive industry. We sincerely invite guests and media friends from home and abroad to visit our booth.TOSUN booth (Hall 10, Booth 1708)Exchange of guidance.


Exhibition time
June 4-6, 2024 (annual)

Exhibition Location
Messe Stuttgart, Germany

TOSUN Booth No.
Hall 10, #1708

Technical Presentations

Date::June 4 12:20-12:40

Presentation length. 20 minutes

Stage. Hall 10

Presentation title. 

New Approach to Hardware-in-the-Loop Automotive Chassis Simulation System

Exhibit Preview

TSMaster - Basic Toolchain Software for Automotive Electronics

TOSUNCore software TSMasterCan cover the entire process of code generation, SIL, HIL, VIL, etc. in the automotive electronics V development model. With embedded code generation, automotive bus analysis, recording and playback, simulation, graphic curves/panels, C scripts, UDS diagnostics, testing, CCP/XCP calibration, etc.; it can be applied to the whole process of R&D, testing, validation, production and after-sales.

Simulation tools

TOSUN automotive bus hardware tools have USB/Ethernet interfaces CAN, CANFD, LIN, FlaxRay, SENT, PSI5, Automotive Ethernet, and other bus devices, and recently released theBus jammer, PCIe interface card device, multi-channel CAN FD to USB/WIFI deviceWe offer a wide range of products, such as: high frequency, high frequency, and multi-channel bus recorders. We provide you with the R&D tools you need, as well as customized services to solve your channel count problems and meet your calibration needs.

Test Solutions

  • ECU Flashing Program
  • CCP/XCP calibration program
  • Bus Conformance Test Program
  • HIL Simulation Test Solution
  • SecOC test solution based on TSMaster
  • Component Endurance Testing Solutions
  • FCT Testing Solutions
  • EOL offline testing program
  • Aftermarket Diagnostics & Flashing Solutions