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News|Shanghai Jiading District Employment Promotion Center, Entrepreneurship Guidance Section Leaders Visit Tongxing Intelligence for Research

On March 1, Zhang Hua, head of Shanghai entrepreneurship guidance section, Liu Xing, deputy director of Shanghai Jiading District Employment Promotion Center, and his party visited TOSUN Technology for investigation and research, and fully affirmed and appreciated the company's achievements in scientific and technological innovation and market expansion, and pinned high hopes on the company's future development.

CEO Mo Mang warmly received the leaders and led them to visit the company's R&D center and the company's wall of honor, CEO Mo Mang introduced the company's development history, position in the industry, main products, future strategic planning, and so on.

At the symposium, CEO Mo Mang gave a detailed introduction of the company's main products and future development prospects. At present, the company's core product - automotive electronics basic tool software TSMaster, is a "hardware and software decoupled, rapid iteration, can be continuously defined by the software" basic productivity tools, known as the domestic Vector + Labview. In addition to the core product of uplink software, there are other hardware products, such as automotive bus communication simulation, analysis, testing, diagnostics, calibration products; a variety of input/output boards and cards; automotive sensor simulator products; and special equipment products, etc. At present, TOSUN's products are widely used in the vertical track. At present, the penetration rate of TOSUN's products in the vertical track of domestic and foreign OEMs and parts manufacturers has increased significantly, and the market share has become the first domestic. At the same time, in the semiconductor, engineering machinery, aviation, military and other fields of horizontal expansion, as well as overseas market force layout, all show the same star from top to bottom will be the commercialization of domestic industrial software commercialization of the landing of confidence, determination and ability.

Zhang Hua, head of Shanghai entrepreneurship guidance section, firstly highly recognized the development and achievements of TOSUN Technology in recent years, and also positively affirmed the efforts made by TOSUN Technology in the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents. Liu Xing, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Employment Promotion Center, said that the purpose of the visit to the enterprise was to understand the enterprise's business situation and talent construction, listen to the difficulties encountered by the enterprise in the process of landing the relevant employment policies, and hope to provide the enterprise with as much help as possible for its development.

Finally, CEO Mo Mang on behalf of TOSUN Technology expressed his thanks to all the leaders for their support to the company. The visit of Zhang Hua, Chief of Shanghai Entrepreneurship Guidance Section, Liu Xing, Deputy Director of Jiading District Employment Promotion Center, and other parties has strengthened the confidence of TOSUN Technology in seizing the opportunity of domestic substitution and rapidly penetrating the global market. In the future, under the leadership of the municipal and district governments, the company will adhere to the continuous innovation, and based on the self-developed TSMaster software and supporting hardware, to build the automotive electronic basic tools throughout the entire process of the automotive industry chain, and to bring infinite possibilities to the future through the "software definition".