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Exhibition News | TOSUN to appear in the 2023 Automotive Artificial Intelligence Conference, to promote the deep integration of the automotive industry

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2023/ Automotive Artificial Intelligence Conference

Artificial Intelligence development is either fast or slow
Determining the future of urban development
"Electrification, Intelligent and Internet connectivity" is the future direction of automotive technology and industry development!
Innovations in electrical and electronic architecture
Exponential rise in software code volume
Making basic tools for automotive electronics increasingly important

Shanghai TOSUN Technology Ltd.
Meeting with you in Hubei-Wuhan
Promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence with the automobile industry!

Rapid penetration in the automotive industry

Since its inception, TOSUN Technology to "reliable products, reasonable price, perfect service to help engineers solve engineering" problem for the mission, to "Engineer everthing to solve all engineering problems! for the vision.

TOSUN Technology self-developed bus tool chain products, has been recognized by the global market, the world has more than 4,000 enterprises to use, the service customer covers the SAIC, FAW, BYD and other traditional OEMs; Azure, Xiaopeng, Ideal and other new car-making forces; Bosch, Continental, UMC, NDT and other parts and components enterprises; Baidu, pony travel and other unmanned vehicles, and so on. The automatic code generation function of the product has also been recognized by major chip manufacturers, and in the future we will continue to expand strategic cooperation in aerospace, military vessels and other fields to drive the efficiency of the whole industry chain.

Sneak Preview of Exhibits

1. National bus toolchain software


TSMaster is a virtual instrument software platform independently developed by TOSUN, which can connect, configure and control all hardware tools and devices of TOSUN, and realize the functional requirements of automotive bus embedded code generation, monitoring, simulation, development, diagnostics, calibration, Bootloader, I/O control, test and measurement, EOL and other occasions.

2. Self-developed hardware products

CANFD/CAN/LIN/FlexRay Bus Tools
  • CANFD/CAN bus tools
    1 channel CANFD, 1 channel LIN to USB interface

  •  LIN bus tools
    2-channel LIN, 4-channel CANFD to USB interface
    1 LIN to USB interface

  • FlexRay Bus Tools
    2-channel FlexRay, 2-channel CANFD bus to USB interface