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Exhibition News | TOSUN to appear in the new energy vehicle thermal management forum, China Telematics Security Conference

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TOSUN Weekly Exhibition

2024 The 2nd New Energy Vehicle Thermal Management Forum

With the rapid expansion of the new energy vehicle market and the leap in intelligent technology, automotive thermal management systems are undergoing a major transformation. This change not only covers traditional cooling and air conditioning systems, but also extends to key areas such as cabin temperature control, intelligent electronics and battery thermal management. In order to discuss the latest development, the 2nd New Energy Vehicle Thermal Management Forum will be held in Shanghai Automotive City. Gaijin Automotive will focus on the areas of cabin thermal comfort, intelligent electronics, and triboelectric thermal management, and invite industry experts to have in-depth exchanges to jointly promote the industry's development.TOSUN will bring the latest upgraded version of TSMaster software and the latest test tool chain products to this event., invites everyone to come and visit us.

  • Activity time: June 25, 2024
  • Event Location: Ruili Hotel Shanghai Motor City

2024 The 3rd China Telematics Security Conference

With the rapid growth of global smart connected car shipments, in-vehicle information and data security is facing brand new challenges.2024 The 3rd China Telematics Security Conference will focus on the areas of smart connected car standards and regulations, hardware security module HSM, basic software security solutions, Telematics vulnerability mining, channel information encryption technology, etc., and invite a number of guests from OEMs and parts supply companies to combine their industrial Many guests from OEMs and parts supply companies will be invited to combine their practical experience with the industry to make suggestions on how to grasp the bottom line of security after the trend of intelligentization. This event.With the latest TSMaster software and HIL simulation test, bus conformance test, component durability test, FCT test and EOL off-line test.A number of solutions and products were presented.

  • Activity time:June 27, 2024
  • Event Location:Ruili Hotel Shanghai Auto City

Preview of some exhibits of TOSUN

TSMaster Software

TOSUN's core software TSMaster can cover the whole process of code generation, SIL, HIL and VIL in automotive electronics V development model.Meanwhile, the software integrates C and Python compilers, which makes it convenient for users to develop their own applications.TSMaster software features embedded code generation, automotive bus analysis, recording and playback, simulation, graphic curves/panels, C scripts, UDS diagnostics, testing, CCP/XCP calibration, etc., which can be applied to the whole process of R&D, testing, validation, production, and after-sales.

Latest Hardware Products

TOSUN Automotive Bus Hardware Tool has USB/Ethernet interface CAN, CANFD, LIN, FlaxRay, SENT, PSI5, Automotive Ethernet and other bus devices. Recently also releasedBus jammer, PCIe interface card device, multi-channel CAN FD to USB/WIFI deviceand multi-channel bus loggers, to name a few.

  • Hardware Product Model


TOSUN has been deeply plowing into the field of automotive electronics basic tool chain, and is committed to providing independent and innovative solutions to the engineering problems in the fields of automotive R&D and manufacturing, industrial production and so on!

  • ECU Flashing Program
  • CCP/XCP calibration program
  • Bus Conformance Test Program
  • HIL Simulation Test Solution
  • SecOC test solution based on TSMaster
  • Component Endurance Testing Solutions
  • FCT Testing Solutions
  • EOL offline testing program
  • Aftermarket Diagnostics & Flashing Solutions