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Exhibition News | TOSUN Exhibition in the coming week, invite you to participate in the new energy power system technology week

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TOSUN Weekly Exhibition

1. 2024 Third New Energy Power Systems Technology Week

March 2024 ATC New Energy Power Technology Week & Exhibition will be held at Shanghai Automotive Exhibition Center.With the theme of "Exploring Innovative Technologies for New Energy Powertrain Systems", the exhibition covers almost all areas of new energy powertrain technologies, ranging fromElectric drive, power battery, hybrid, thermal management, hydrogen combustion engine, high voltage, energy storageMore than 150+ technical hotspots and topics. With an exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, it is expected that 5,000+ technical personnel will attend the exhibition, of which more than 2,000 will be from OEMs.TOSUN will bring the domestic automotive electronics basic tool chain software TSMaster and the latest products to appear in this event, we invite you to visit and exchange.

Time: March 28-29, 2024
Venue: Shanghai Automotive Exhibition Center

2. 2024 Hopscotch Intelligent Vehicle Technology Forum

Against the backdrop of increasingly fierce competition in the global automotive market, OEMs are facing unprecedented pressure and challenges. To meet these challenges and maintain their competitive edge, OEMs must continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and deepen industrial cooperation. Against this backdrop, Gai Shi Auto and Ne Zha Auto have teamed up to co-host an OEM Forum and Forward-Looking Technology Exhibition with the theme of "Opportunities and Prospects of the Integrated Intelligent Platform of Vehicles, Energy, Roads, and Clouds", with the aim of exploring and showcasing the new directions and opportunities for the future development of the automotive industry.

TOSUN was invited to participate in this technical exchange meeting, and with the latest products and industry test program debut, seek new development direction to achieve win-win cooperation.

Time: March 27, 2024
Location: Ne Zha Auto Shanghai Headquarters

Preview of some exhibits of TOSUN

TSMaster Software

TOSUN's core software TSMaster can cover the whole process of code generation, SIL, HIL and VIL in the automotive electronics V development model. Meanwhile, the software integrates C and Python compilers, which is convenient for users to develop their own applications.TSMaster software has embedded code generation, automotive bus analysis, record and playback, simulation, graphic curves/panels, C scripts, UDS diagnostics, testing, CCP/XCP calibration, etc., which can be applied to the whole process of research and development, testing, validation, production and after-sales.

Latest Hardware Products

TOSUN automotive bus hardware tools have CAN/CAN FD/LIN/FlexRay/Automotive Ethernet to USB and Ethernet PC interfaces, as well as CAN FD-CAN gateway, CAN/LIN offline data logger, offline brushing and writing tool, remote diagnostic and flashing tool and so on. Recently, we have also released PCIe interface card devices, multi-channel CAN FD to USB/WIFI devices, and multi-channel bus loggers and so on.

  • Hardware Product Model


TOSUN has been deeply plowing into the field of automotive electronics basic tool chain, and is committed to providing independent and innovative solutions to the engineering problems in the fields of automotive R&D and manufacturing, industrial production and so on!

  • ECU Flashing Program
  • CCP/XCP calibration program
  • Bus Conformance Test Program
  • HIL Simulation Test Solution
  • SecOC test solution based on TSMaster
  • Component Endurance Testing Solutions
  • FCT Testing Solutions
  • EOL offline testing program
  • Aftermarket Diagnostics & Flashing Solutions