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Exhibition News | 3/11-3/15 TOSUN Future Weekly Exhibition Activity Preview

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TOSUN Weekly Exhibition

1. 2024 Intelligent Vehicle Digital Ecology Conference

With the rapid development of technology, car-machine interoperability and ecological interoperability are becoming a new trend in the automotive industry. The continuous innovation of ultra-broadband technology and interconnection technology has provided strong support for the seamless connection between cell phones and cars. This close integration makes the driving experience more intelligent and convenient, and innovative applications such as in-vehicle desktop and digital key come into being, bringing unprecedented convenience and efficiency to users. Against this backdrop, theGaijin will host the Smart Car Digital Ecosystem Conference on March 11, 2024, in Shanghai.

TOSUN follows the development trend of the automobile industry and has been committed to bringing the latest products and technological innovations to the automobile industry.We are also invited to participate in this exhibition, and will focus on displaying our products and solutions in the fields of OTA, intelligent cockpit, automotive R&D and testing, etc. Welcome to visit TOSUN booth and communicate with us.

2. 2024 The 5th Software Defined Vehicle Forum and AUTOSAR China Day

Time: March 12-14, 2024
Venue: Ruili Hotel, Shanghai International Automobile City

The 5th Software Defined Vehicle Forum and AUTOSAR China Day at Gaixin Auto 2024 will focus on software-defined vehicles, discussing industry focuses such as in-vehicle communication solutions, SOA architecture, in-vehicle cloud computing, Smart Driving Domain middleware, and high-performance computing software platforms. During the AUTOSAR China Day, a number of experts will also share their views on topics such as the development of AUTOSAR China and the newly released features of AUTOSAR, and discuss the future trends of automotive software technology.TOSUN will bring the latest technology and products to this conference, then, welcome to visit and exchange!

3.2024 The 4th China Automotive HCI Innovation Conference

The transformation and upgrading of intelligence, digitization, and informationization are the main driving forces behind the growth of the human-machine interface (HMI) market in the automotive sector, and IMARC Group forecasts that the market size of automotive HMIs will reach $36.52 billion in 2027, growing at a CAGR of 12.30% between 2022 and 2027.Against this backdrop, theGaijin 2024 4th China Automotive HCI Innovation Conference to be held in Shanghai on March 15The conference will focus on automotive HMI, inviting industry leaders from scene design, touch control, voice and other segments to discuss emerging hot topics such as 3D/2D interface design, multimodal interaction, UI/UX design, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), voice recognition systems, etc., providing new ideas for innovating business models and tapping market growth points.

Preview of some exhibits of TOSUN

TSMaster Software

TOSUN's core software TSMaster can cover the whole process of code generation, SIL, HIL and VIL in the automotive electronics V development model. Meanwhile, the software integrates C and Python compilers, which is convenient for users to develop their own applications.TSMaster software has embedded code generation, automotive bus analysis, record and playback, simulation, graphic curves/panels, C scripts, UDS diagnostics, testing, CCP/XCP calibration, etc., which can be applied to the whole process of research and development, testing, validation, production and after-sales.

Latest Hardware Products

TOSUN automotive bus hardware tools have CAN/CAN FD/LIN/FlexRay/Automotive Ethernet to USB and Ethernet PC interfaces, as well as CAN FD-CAN gateway, CAN/LIN offline data logger, offline brushing and writing tool, remote diagnostic and flashing tool and so on. Recently, we have also released PCIe interface card devices, multi-channel CAN FD to USB/WIFI devices, and multi-channel bus loggers and so on.

  • Hardware Product Model


TOSUN has been deeply plowing into the field of automotive electronics basic tool chain, and is committed to providing independent and innovative solutions to the engineering problems in the fields of automotive R&D and manufacturing, industrial production and so on!

  • ECU Flashing Program
  • CCP/XCP calibration program
  • Bus Conformance Test Program
  • HIL Simulation Test Solution
  • SecOC test solution based on TSMaster
  • Component Endurance Testing Solutions
  • FCT Testing Solutions
  • EOL offline testing program
  • Aftermarket Diagnostics & Flashing Solutions
Customized Solutions for Industries