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University Programs | TOSUN sponsors Kettering University's EV Kartz electric go-kart team

Kettering University is a polytechnic university located in Flint, Michigan, with a strong focus on developing leaders in business and industry.The EV Kartz team is made up of students from the university's Electrical, Mechanical, and Computer Engineering, as well as Computer Science programs, and is dedicated to building the best electric go-kart team possible.TOSUN sponsored two products for EV Kartz electric karting team: TSMaster software and can bus device. These two products can help them to collect the data on the test parts and complete the debugging of the VCU by utilizing the XCP function of Tongxing TSMaster..

△ Kettering University, USA

△ EV Kartz Electric Karting Team


scholarship and prize

The timely provision of the automotive bus toolchain hardware and software products by Tongxing Intelligence led to the timely completion of the EV Kartz electric kart, which was tested several times prior to the race using TSMaster software.

On April 14, 2023, the Kettering University EV Kartz electric go-kart team competed in its first electric car race.The team placed second in the competition and first in the design report category.

Thank you letter from Kettering University

thank-you note

TOSUN will continue to support Kettering University's EV Kartz electric karting team, and we hope that the EV Kartz electric karting team will have another successful race in the following races!

University Program

University plan

Since its establishment, TOSUN has been adhering to the "University Program", sponsoring a variety of CAN hardware equipment and TSMaster software for development and testing to domestic and international university formula racing and electric karting teams, and devoting itself to building a public platform for the cultivation and selection of domestic and international outstanding automotive talents.