Explore the future of industrial software | 2024 TOSUN "first" developer training camp was officially launched!

Explore the future of industrial software | 2024 TOSUN "first" developer training camp was officially launched!

Topic Quick Facts

Discover the advantages of TOSUN's software architecture.

TSMaster software has been able to cover all aspects of the right side of the V development model except for the model-related aspects; every line of code written by the user based on TSMaster software is hardware-independent, shareable, referable, and cross-hardware-platform.

C applet function detailed explanation and application

TSMaster adopts pure C and Python language scripting system, adopts ECU-like front and backend running architecture, which is convenient for embedded code to be directly integrated for verification. TSMaster provides hundreds of API functions related to system management app, communication management com, database, test management test; and the script can directly access hardware, system variables, RBS module, etc..

Flash Bootloader flashing Application Program

Diagnosis is an important function of an automotive ECU. While the vehicle is in operation, sensors located throughout the vehicle can track multiple faults that can occur at any time in the vehicle's electrical or electronic system. The TOSUN tool chain assists users to conveniently develop, verify and flash the UDS protocol based on fault diagnosis related functions.

The TSMaster diagnostic function supports configuration diagnostics and diagnostic services, and automated diagnostics can be realized with UDS-based FBL flashing and writing.

Detailed explanation of XCP and CCP calibration functions and automated calibration

TSMaster Calibration Function - Realize the data fusion of high-precision acquisition and playback, bus, video, GPS, radar signals.TSMaster has built-in message information analysis, diagnosis, calibration, system variable data in one, which is easy to analyze the data synchronously. Automated calibration can also be realized through COM component call.

Accelerating Development with the Python Toolbox

TSMaster software architecture supports dynamic loading of toolboxes and provides framework support for toolbox operation, making toolbox design based on TSMaster software architecture simple and efficient.

TSMaster Bus RBS Simulation with E2E

Through the simulation function to verify the planned whole vehicle communication system, you can also use the innovative software HIL function of TOSUN TSMaster to simulate the ECU code. Through the script system to realize CRC, Rolling Counter, E2E and other checksums.


Since its establishment in 2017, TOSUN has prioritized the development of domestically controlled fundamental toolchain products for automotive electronics, positioning itself as a leading Chinese brand in this industry. TOSUN's primary software, TSMaster, and its associated hardware offer essential features such as embedded code generation, automotive bus analysis, simulation, testing, diagnostics, and calibration. These tools cover the entire range of activities involved in automotive vehicle and component development, testing, production, experimentation, and after-sales support.

There are more than 5,000 corporate users worldwide, covering: automotive OEMs, component suppliers, chip makers, equipment/service providers, engineering machinery, aerospace and other fields.

The company's headquarters is located in Tongji University National University Science Park in the Jiading district of Shanghai. Additionally, the company has branch offices in Guangzhou, Beijing, Changchun, Chengdu, Taipei, and Germany(Stuttgart).