You are currently viewing 软件更新 | TSMaster 2024.04 最新版已上线,来看看新增了哪些实用功能

Software Update | The latest version of TSMaster 2024.04 is now available, check out the new useful features!

TSMaster is a domestic software tool integrating automotive bus embedded code generation, monitoring, simulation, development, UDS diagnostics, CCP/XCP calibration, ECU flashing, I/O control, test and measurement. In the latest updated software version, a lot of new functions have been added, among which the long-awaited DoIP diagnostic function can finally be realized in the latest upgraded version! At the same time, the simulation module, API interface, toolbox module and so on have been updated. Take a look!

Software update method

  1.  Click "Help" - "Check for Updates" in the existing software to update the software to the latest version;
  2. Download the software installation package at:

01 New RPC servers and clients

TSMaster adds RPC server and client for co-simulation between different software:

02 Added support for DoIP diagnostics

TSMaster supports the DoIP function, which is realized with the Ethernet hardware of TOSUN as the basis. In TSMaster, you can set the network interface information and configure the corresponding diagnostic process for flashing.
Except for an additional connection process and activation process, the configuration process of DoIP's swipe process is the same as CAN/CANFD/LIN diagnostics, which is simple to develop and easy to get started. The interface of flashing operation is shown in the figure below:

03 API-related

1. New socket-related API interface

2. Scripting tools add support for socket-related callback functions
3. New Toolbox API that supports system variable change callbacks.
4. New API function interface for protecting global variables during multi-threaded operations.
5. New database loading and unloading APIs
6. New API for compensating for timestamp deviations between hardware from different vendors
7. New API for storing system message logs to a specific directory.
8. New generic RPC server and client APIs
9. New API for blocking FPU anomalies

04 Simulation System Constant Related

The Constant Manager now parses C headers!

05 Software version related

1. TSMaster x64 is available

The X64 version is now available, supporting the use of larger system memory for data analysis, and solving the problem that the previous X86 version had a limitation on the number of data points for graphing and Trace data analysis.

2. TSMaster toolkit manual released

06 Toolbox-related

1. New toolbox release: GW2112 configurator
2. New toolkit release: code package generator

07 Example engineering related

1. New Ethernet communication demo
2. New co-simulation group for different simulation software