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Q&A Guide to Frequently Asked Questions about TOSUN Hardware adapter and TSMaster


TOSUNSMaster is a domestic automotive bus toolchain software platform developed by TOSUN.TSMaster is a professional tool for all-round automotive bus design, simulation, analysis, diagnosis and calibration, supporting the whole system development process from requirement analysis to system realization.TOSUN hardware interface card can provide CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, and Ethernet and other network development, simulation, testing and maintenance.TSMaster software can connect, configure and control all of the TOSUN interface card, to realize the automotive bus monitoring, simulation, diagnostics, calibration, BootLoader, I/O control, measurement and testing, EOL and other occasions of functional requirements. And support Vector, Kvaser, PCAN, Intepace, ZLG bus series hardware and mainstream instruments on the market, can realize multi-hardware, multi-channel joint simulation, testing. But in the process of our use will inevitably encounter some problems affecting our experience, the following will be frequently encountered several problems for detailed answers.


Hardware channel setup and mapping

1、Q:How to add the same star virtual channel of TSMaster?
A: In Hardware-Channel Mapping-Simultaneous Star Virtual Channel, add an input virtual channel.

2, Q: the same star device connected to the computer prompted by the surge, before the use of normal, and now change the computer can not use this device, the other same star device connected to no problem.
A: Evaluate that this unit may be isolated and broken, and recommend returning it to the factory for testing and repair.

3、Q:What is the pin correspondence of DB9 one-part-two harness?
A: Female 273 corresponds to pin 273 of the male header, and 348 corresponds to pin 327 of the male header (as shown below).

4、Q:Can TSMaster support third-party hardware to send and receive CAN FD messages?
A: On TSMaster, we support standard CAN for CAN cards from other manufacturers. If you need to use CAN FD, we suggest you to use the hardware of TSMaster directly.

5. Q: How to switch between sending enhanced and normal LIN messages?
A: The main choice is made by selecting the LIN protocol, the 1.3 protocol uses the classic type, while the 2.0, 2.1 versions are using the enhanced checksum.

6、Q:How to check the firmware version of the hardware?
A: After connecting the hardware, you can check the firmware version and serial number in Hardware - Channel Mapping, after selecting the corresponding hardware.

7、Q:Does the same star device support self ACK loopback function?
A: Supported, via bus hardware-controller mode, internal loopback and external loopback modules for self ack.

1) Internal loopback mode, is not need other nodes to answer, can be understood as self-sending and self-collecting.
2) External loopback mode, without the need for other nodes to answer and send messages to the CAN network, usually used to activate dormant ECUs.

8. Q: Do you support ZLG's hardware USBCAN FD 200U?
A: It is not supported, for ZLG's hardware support list, you can check it in the configuration information.

9、Q:Do durability class test LIN monitor more, can the equipment meet the requirements?
A: There is no problem, many of our customers use our LIN and CAN cards to do product durability aging test.


TOSUN bus hardware related issues

- TC1012

Q: Scenarios for hardware with and without P
A: 1012P is internal with LIN power supply, the internal power supply is limited to 12V, if used in 24V these occasions will not work. 1012 LIN needs external power supply, the advantage of open-drain design, the voltage to adapt to a wider range. Without P hardware, the supply voltage is within 36V.

Q: TC1012 LIN, can I configure the master node, resistor? Interface similar to CANoe
A: It has been allocated internally, 1K for the master node and 10K for the slave node; it will be matched automatically when selecting the master/slave node.

- TC1014

Q:Using TOSUN TC1014, when doing long time work, there are 2 TC1014 appeared to not receive can message 3 times, and the green light of the device went out. You need to click the stop button of TSMaster again and restart to recover.
A: Upgrade the hardware firmware and update the software to the latest version.

- TL1001

Q: What is the maximum number of LIN transmit cycles that can be set for a single frame of TL1001?
A: The maximum setting in the Delay Time column is 255ms.

- Data logger


Q: Why does the GPS light keep flashing red? Under what circumstances will the light flash green?
A: The GPS light is red to indicate that there is currently no GPS signal, and it will flash green in an open outdoor area. It takes 5-15 minutes to initialize the TLog1002 GPS for the first time.

Q: TLog1002 device, will it cyclically overwrite the stored CAN trace?
A: No, the TLog1002 will not log when the memory is full, and you will need to initialize the device to delete the historical data when the logging is full.

- Ethernet Converter


Q: What does it mean when the yellow light on the rj45 interface keeps blinking?
A: The blinking yellow light indicates that the device is in 100 Gigabit mode and works normally or matches the Gigabit mode but does not work normally; at this time, you need to check the user side of the device is what is in what mode, the enterprise Gigabit switch just represents the maximum know support for the Gigabit, and there are also three rates of self-negotiation mode.

Q: What does the flashing yellow light on the rj45 connector mean?
A: Computer network cable interface green and yellow lights are on behalf of normal. The green light indicates that the site is normal, the yellow light flashes that there is data transmission. The role of the green and yellow lights on the network cable interface: the green light will be in the LINK light when there is a normal connection to the network is always on; yellow light will be in the ACTIVITY light when there is a data transfer blinking. Simply put, the role of the light is to show whether the network cable is working properly.


Q: What is the case that the TE1011 device cannot ping?

A: 1. Check the configuration of the master and slave nodes;

2. Check whether the accessed Ethernet is Gigabit Ethernet and whether the docked vehicle Ethernet supports Gigabit Ethernet;

3. whether the LAN is static ip.

- Ethernet Converter


Q: Can offline flashing be accomplished using only USB power?
A: No, TSFlash must be powered by 12V for offline flashing.