Tongxing Intelligence Signs Dealer in Israel

TOSUN Signs Dealer in Israel, Explores New Territory in Asian Markets

Recently.Israel's TrigoPi Signs Agency Cooperation Agreement with TOSUNThis is TOSUN in the Asian market to develop another agent, on behalf of the domestic industrial software to enter the Asian market, also means that TOSUN in the global strategic map to develop a breakthrough progress.

A good automotive industrial software is the ultimate pursuit of the global automotive industry under the wave of intellectual and electrical changes. TOSUN has been focusing on the research and development of domestic independent and controllable automotive electronics basic tool chain products, the core product TSMaster software truly fits the current demand for software-defined automobiles, it is a "fast iterative, continuous evolution, can be continuously defined by the software" of the basic productivity tools.

win-win cooperation
TrigoPi, based in Tel-Mond, Israel, are embedded solutions specialists serving the aerospace, automotive, IoT, medical and power industries. They offer a full range of services including hardware, software and mechanical design. As a distributor of TOSUN in Israel, it will introduce more industry test solutions provided by TOSUN into the local market in the future, promote technological innovation, and provide strong support for the strategic layout of TOSUN's global market.
Tongxing Intelligence Signs Dealer in Israel
Continued presence in the global market

Rooted in the present, looking to the world. TOSUN will continue to develop overseas markets and strengthen overseas marketing service channels. Overseas agents will be provided with localized services closer to the needs of local customers, including technical support, product training, after-sales service, etc., so as to enhance the brand influence and customer recognition of TOSUN in overseas markets.TOSUN has already made market layout in Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States and other major automotive industry countries and regions, and is also actively seeking more national partners to accelerate the development of globalization strategy map!